Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay? – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #24


This expansion has focused heavily on the idea of class rather than the individual player. From dedicated class halls , class quests and class mounts right through to class themed portions of the open world (sheesh that’s a lot of class!), your toon’s class as a driving story factor has never been stronger. Along with this, we’ve also seen the removal of certain abilities and rework of specs as they didn’t reflect the fantasy leaving many to miss what their toon once was.

Tell us how you are finding the fantasy of the class and the world we live in. Has Blizzard nailed it on the head, or is it just leaving you cold and wanting to re-write the way your toon’s class is portrayed.




I almost missed doing this blog challenge in time.

It’s not an easy one to answer honestly, without it sounding like a rant at first. And without going on and on and on…

But here goes 🙂





I have played a Druid since the beginning of WoW.

Oddly enough, I feel less of a Druid today, than ten years ago, in particular when it comes to the use of spells, which, let’s face it, is something we do a lot. So it has to work

I think Classes overall has lost a lot of their uniqueness.

So many spells have been removed, taken away, or moved to other specs.

I miss Hibernate. Thorns. Soothe Animal (Hah, remember?) I miss Faerie Fire.

Heck, I even miss my teleport to Moonglade. (Yes, I know I have one, but it takes me to the Emerald Dreamway first, and it’s just not the same.)

I also miss the ability to downrank our spells.

I miss being able to shapeshift into whatever form I want, without it over-riding other forms automatically. I hate the merged form-button.

Why can I not just try to be a cheetah in the water? Give me back my freedom of choice.

And while we are on this subject, give me Mark of the Wild back!

The ability to buff someone I pass by, a friendly gesture. I miss that.

Oh, Insect Swarm! And where did Hurricane go?

Give me back my old Regrowth, where the HoT portion of the heal was far longer.



Oh, it’s turning into a rant…Did you notice?

I think we just established, that I hate it, when people take stuff away from me! Rosetinted goggles are strong.

Quick, let’s steer this in the other direction, shall we…







I am glad, that I have gotten an out of combat-ressurection spell. We didn’t always have that, and it was really demotivating running Dungeons back in the ol’ days and being told no, because of that. It feels more Druidic too, to be able to do so.

I like that I am able to deal a decent amount of DPS even as Restoration specced. Surely being highly skilled in one area, does not mean you have no idea how to defend yourself?

The HoTs still roll strong in this one, it’s still what we are about, being able to predict damage incoming. That’s what I love. I am no good at healing during the first go on an encounter. I am far better on go nr. 10. Granted, everyone probably is, but it takes knowledge to know when to prehot and maximise, and it gives me a sense of progress and it is my favorite competition; me vs. myself.

I like how we have gotten a little tank helper-buff (Ironbark). Tranquility has been made very strong too.

And we are no longer just Innervate robots reserved to help our the Priests’ mana either!

Ursol’s Vortex and Typhoon and what not is cool too, but I miss more “class feel” when casting them. Maybe it will come in the future, with updated animations? Though a part of me fear them, since they change with animations I have grown to love for a decade…

I adore Orca, obviously.

As the other specs for Druids go; I only play Restoration, so I’m not one to “judge” in those aspects.

Overall though, I feel that our spells are very Druidic, but I miss those from the earlier days, as mentioned above.

And I think each class should be quite different from the rest, so I don’t think Blizzard nailed this one.

They have attempted too hard to make every class appeal to everyone. And I imagine it has to do with PvP as well. But surely Hibernate could have just been made, so it wouldn’t work in PvP areas? Why, Blizzard, why…

Anyway 🙂



Right! Onto the Legion Class things.




Druid Class Campaign


It was lovely! I did miss a more unique feel to it, spellwise; requiring us to use all our spells. You know, unforgiven scenarios, where one dispell missing results in death.

But the storytelling was great, apart from 7.2, of course. Loved going back to the old War of the Ancient. I wish we could do it again.

And I am loving all things Druidic, so yeah, having to visit Hyjal and where not, paws up from me!

For some reason, being selected “Arch Druid” does not sit well with me though; It’s a very majestic title RP-wise, and it seems overwhelming.

Guardian of G’Hanir though, much love for that titel 🙂





Class Champions


I didn’t have any Druid Champions I expected to see in my Class Hall, so I was not dissapointed nor overly happy with the ones I did get.

They are fine, I think! And I adore how they can be your bodyguard. It’s just awesome, doing World Quests as a healer but be accompanied by a Druid Bear or Cat. Wiii 🙂

In particular I like Thisalee, and her fresh approach, she must be a Druid of the new generation.

Keeper Remulos though, actually, it was great to see him! He has been with me since the beginning in Moonglade…Aww….

Well, Brightwing as a Champion too is rather neat. A Faerie Dragon. Bonus info: The Enchanted Fey Dragon is her older brother 🙂




Our Artifact Weapon: G’Hanir The Mother Tree







Oh, it’s so amazing. Only positive things from here. The story behind it and the looks  of it is so gorgeous, in all it’s variations. So Druidic. And the fact that the tree in Dalaran tosses you an apple everything you pass him by, when wearing G’hanir? Blizzard nailed this one! Oh also, how the first boss in Darkheart Thicket speaks to you if you wield it. Super awesome.




Our Tier sets


This is not a picture of a Tier set. There is no Tier set picture. But also though, Orcas are better.


Well okay, I haven ‘t exactly got access to them for real, but I have managed to gather a few pieces from LFR here and there.

I think our sets are okay, there is no doubt it’s a Druid passing you by, though I’d love it, if our sets actually were made pr. spec. A Restoration Druid in combat would wear something completely different, than a Feral Druid would.


I wish, wish, wish we had more kilts though. What happened to those!?

—> Are you reading this, Blizzard? (of course you are, you visit my blog several times a day!) MORE KILTS. <—-





Class “Mount”




Ok…No. Not nailed it. Far from it, actually. They forced the passenger-ability so much it ended up ruining the model. And it bugs out alot, and is not functioning as it should. They did admit that it has issues, so hopefully it will get looked into but still. We cannot even use it on Argus, because it’s not usable in no flight-areas.


Luckily one can turn it off by talking to a NPC, but still…A shame.

The quest line for obtaining it was okay though 🙂





Druid Class Hall: The Dreamgrove





I could do an entire post about this place…I think I will sometime actually.

Naaaailed it. Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Moonwells. Trees. Night Elven buildings. Little baby Moonkins learning how to dance. A statue of Malorne. Hippogryphs. Dens. Druids!




When we teleport to our Class Hall, we first get to the Emerald Dreamway.

The Emerald Dreamway is a glade within the Emerald Dream. Partially tainted by the Emerald Nightmare, druids help fight the encroaching corruption in order to clear a path to the Dreamgrove in Val’sharah. Once established, they are able to traverse the Dreamway when needed, as its many portals connect to different natural locations on Azeroth.


This place is gorgeous too. And I love how it has a little bit of the Nightmare in it as well. Lots of great screenshot areas, and teleports to nature-y places all over Azeroth.






One final thing I’d like to add is, that I would love to see, how the Druid class benefits the Alliance in particular. I mean, like, imagine a cinematic, where each of our classes gets their 15 seconds of spotlight fame, and we see them in all their glory, showing why they, their class, is so important to have alongside you in the battle against Legion.

That would be fantastic.




There you have it I guess 🙂

This challenge has been a great read for me, because I only know the Druid Class – it has been really nice to read and see something about other classes –  So thank you for that 🙂




Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂

19 thoughts on “Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay? – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #24

  1. Druids are the most special class in wow. I always thought that. It was a really fun utility class back in the day, and also an often underestimated tank and heal spec, even if warriors and priests got more love. Cats were great fun as damage dealer in say a five man, and from that also offtank, innervate healer, or when healer died, shapeshift to heal up tank then battleres healer, and back to claw the mobs. Good times. Druid was a bag of tricks. Shapeshifting was often a necessary part of the gameplay, and it ate mana. That’s what made druids unique. Cats were squishy, so to be cat specced in pvp required a lot of skill. That’s why, when I occasionally pvpd I put on heal gear even as a feral. 😛 I think it was from Cata that you could see druids stay in cat form in long fights in battlegrounds, as they’d become more tank-like. In vanilla, druids were the least popular class (at least on our server) but that has changed very much over the years. Back in the day you often greeted other druids, even of the opposite faction. We even had our own zone! Those times will never come back.

    One big improvement that came to wow in general was the dual spec. My druid was very happy. My lock didn’t really care.

    I agree that not having 100% choice what form to use is stupid. For me, that is about the daftest thing Blizzard ever did (from my limited experience of only a few classes). So druids are master shapeshifters, but we can’t run on ground as cheetah if we want to? “Oh no, you have to fly!” It’s dumb and illogical and annoying.
    There is a lot to like about druids now, too. Dreamgrove is fantastic (I like the concept of class halls). Druids still feel like the most special class to me.

    Your suggestion to have a cinematic where every class get a little spotlight to show their respective qualities and uniqueness is a fantastic idea. With not too much graphic fireworks.

    Thank you for yet another very well written post. Wish you a nice weekend ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for such an in-depth comment, Wisteria 🙂

      You are right, it was great, very druidic times, using all our forms at once, and shining while doing so. I loved being a “support class”.

      Yes, the forced-form-button makes me furious too. I do not get it. At all.

      But yeah, lots to love about Druids still, it will always be my class 🙂

      I hope for a class-specific cinematic in the future. Maybe when we have to give up our Artifact weapon?

      Graphic fireworks are horrible! That “Raid and Battleground function graphic thing” really has helped me.

      N’awww, thank you so for appreciating it! You too! ♥

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  2. Nice post, i don’t know much about druids to be honest, i’m leveling a balance druid and i’m in love with moonkins, owl beast thing looks funny and use the stars to shoot mobs, how cool is that?!

    Class spotlight is good idea, in Secret World Legends each weapon have its own short video explains how to use the weapon and what it can do, about 1 min for each video, so it can be done.

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    1. Oh, so glad you liked it! It was really nice for me to read about other classes this week in the challenge.

      Hehe, so fond of Moonkins – you are going to adore the Druid Class Hall then 😉

      Oh, that sounds super cool, in Secret World Legends! What a good idea. 🙂


  3. Prior to Legion, I played a Beastmaster Hunter. I had played her for years and years, seen and done so much with her… And then the changes were announced for Legion; changes that were a huge disappointment. They took away Spirit Bond, changed Stampede into something I barely recognized, added Hati Direbeast (who didn’t seem to bring that much to the table), and then they made the class available to Gnomes. I have nothing against Gnomes as a race, or even Gnomes being hunters, but what I don’t care for are those mechanical abominations I see following hunters around these days. When Undead got to play the class, they start with a bat – an actual bat, not an undead bat or a skeletal bat. Sentient mechanical pet? Isn’t that how Skynet started? 😉 With the changes looming, I deemed my main “unplayable”. I must grumbled one too many times to my husband about it because he finally gave me some tough love. He said: “The way I see it, you have three options: 1) cancel your subscription and stop playing.” And I said that I still loved the game, that I didn’t want to do that. So, then he said, “Option 2) find a way to play your hunter, either in her current spec, or in one of the other two.”

    Okay, pause here. I did try option two. I spent a lot of my Beastmaster time making fun of the Survivialists. It’s what hunters kind of did. There was always the age old argument between who was more powered, BM’s or Marksmen, but what both specs could pretty much agree on was that SV sucked. So to turn around and try it out, stuck in my craw a bit, but it wasn’t awful. Oh there’s a ringing endorsement eh? 😉 One aspect I really did like was fighting right up beside my animal, instead of from at range. I tried MM too, but neither spec really felt like a good fit.

    My husband said, “Option 3) pick a new class to play. You have three plate wearers, a priest, and a shaman. Do something with one of them.” And I thought, I have still have that shaman…? So, I took option 3. After some trial and error with the alts I had lying around, I settled on my warrior as a new main. One of the primary things I had loved about the Beastmaster hunter was her sustainability in battle. My husband (oh, he’s just full of good advice) said, use the Protection spec on the warrior, it’s a little slower but you won’t have to keep stopping to eat in between. *coughFurycough* So that’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. Fury Warrior became Prot.; Ret. Paladin became…also Prot.; Frost DK became Blood, and finally Shaman became Guardian Druid (thank you pre-Legion invasion points, for a fast way to level someone from scratch).

    Thank goodness for my husband and his advice. He helped me turn a disappointing situation around. I love playing a Prot. Warrior, it fits me better than my BM Hunter did, in all honesty. I love Skyhold. It’s full of Valarjar and Valkyr and other Warriors of all shapes and sizes. The layout of Skyhold is straightforward and logical. One branch has the mission table, the troops recruiters, and the quartermaster. Another has the forge, the AP researchers, X’era, and the weapons tints display. A third branch has the arena (which I don’t use) and the horn of war (which I DO use every 18 hours!!). And finally, the fourth branch is Odyn’s Mead Hall. That’s warriors for ya, folk who think a mead hall and an arena make an excellent combo. 😉

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    1. Hey Miranda, happy to see you return here, and thank you for sharing so much of your experience with and thoughts on your class.

      I can fully understand how you feel; the changes were enormous to some classes.

      Some spells that really meant a lot to many just vanished – making it quite difficult to find out, “which foot to stand on”. I entirely get you in regards to Beastmaster Hunters too – and those mechanical pets. Urgh.

      And gosh, taking away traps from some Hunter specs? Outrageous, really.

      To me, it feels as if it all has to do with “PvP balancing”. I had it up to here, with that affecting the PvE area of the game so much.

      Heh, I actually started leveling a Hunter, she is still in her 10s so, but, I did it to experience being Survivalist, because the idea of fighting alongside my pet is very appealing to me!

      I am glad you “landed” on a class you now enjoy! Go, go, your husband, nice with the advice 🙂

      Being so fond of the Warriors Class hall really means a lot too, I imagine, so congratulations on making it that far, and enjoying it too!

      Hah, a Mead Hall, really? Can I convince you to show me a screenie of it? 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to leave such an in-depth response.


  4. Taking away Mark of the Wild was really dumb! My very first days in WoW, running to Dolaanar (sp?) and seeing someone’s had wave as I ran by and suddenly I had a blessing! My thought was along the lines of “blessing” and it made me fall in love with the game. I could bless you and you could have more fun and play better. Even on the Argent Tournament, I’d throw a MotW on a player and he’d stop … turn around … come back … and give me one of his. It was important. Take them out of raids or dungeons if you must but not our in the world, in the wild, on a quest! Of all the class fantasy choices, removing these individual buffs that we could confer on fellow players was a mistake.

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    1. You are spot on, I feel the exact same way. Fond memories of chasing other players to return their buffing gesture, especially around Dolanaar. And everywhere else. That kind of player interaction…Gosh yes, it was beyond dumb to remove those buffs!


  5. Very nice post and I agree with so much about the state of Druids. Even though it’s not my main class I still love them and the lack of control over the various mobility forms and the new mount quest form are frustrating.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the state of my main class. Monks are new enough that they haven’t quite gone through the changes that some of the original classes have. I think I’m fairly happy with them. My biggest complaint is that other class hall questlines had epic heroic stories and Monks had…a lot of beer.

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    1. Hey Gracie, thank you for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts here 🙂

      Yes, I hear you entirely! It makes little sense too; that we cannot control our forms at all. I cannot for the sake of it understand why it is like that.

      I read that in 7.3 Paladins can now alter the appearance of their mount with a glyph too? I do sometimes wonder; if it’s that easy to implement, why we as Druids cannot get the same. Meaning, glyphs to alter our flight form, for example – so we appear as the “older version” of the stormcrow. It’s already in the game, we had it before, so why not.

      People can chose whatever mount in their selection they want, too.

      Ohh, ok, I know so little of Monks.

      Do you like their Class Hall?
      Which spec are you?

      Ah yes, I did hear about the Class Hall quest line for Monks, and that it was a tad underwhelming. They are about more than just beer, right. I do not know what it involved, I just heard it.

      There does appear to be very big differences between the various classes, when it comes to the class hall quests for obtaining the mount too; and the “bonus” each class recieve afterwards. But I guess it’s best not to compare at all 🙂

      “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. it just blooms”.

      Thanks again for visiting 🙂


  6. Both Sisqi and I wanted to play druid for Legion. We had them ready to go as Balance for the Dps and Resto for dungeons and raids.

    We played during the last months of WOD and all was fine, we were really enjoying it.

    Then Legion came and we were extatic in front of the Grove, I enjoyed the quests to obtain the artifacts… Then everything went to hell. Balance felt more static than ever, I find the eclipse mechanic clumsy and badly integrated in the rotation… I tried over and over but it was more painful than fun.

    Surely, the changes to hunter were not very welcome, I enjoyed my main the way it was before Legion, but, with time, I got used to the new BM and I wouldn’t want to go back to what it was before.

    So, my experience with the druid is very limited compared to the hunter ( which I find amazing in all aspects: lodge, pets, rotation,…), but what I could see of the druid was underwhelming.

    The lore, and the lodge are amazing,as usual with the druid… It’s really a great class fantasy-wise, too bad that the gameplay overshadows it…

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know that, awww 😦 How unfortunate, I would have loved to see you inside the Dreamgrove…

      But I understand. Balance does appear very “hiccup-y”, in a constant changing state, that just makes it appear chaotic. Then again, I have little experience in the area.

      I’m glad you “landed” on your Hunter at least; I have little time for alts, but the one I have, is, in fact, a Hunter 🙂

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    2. Thank you for saying that about your BM hunter. It gives me a modicum of hope that I may one day play her again. I can’t see her ever being my main again (i love my warrior way too much), but at least as an alt. I’ve had a lot of trouble doing anything with her, because of how much resentment I have built up over the changes to BM for Legion, yet at the same time, I can’t seem to let her go either since I played her for years; my 9yr old has asked me if he can “have her mommy?” and I’ve said no. Besides, I can’t bring myself to get rid of her since it would mean losing all her animals too!
      So I appreciate your words and your view, I will consider them carefully.

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      1. I’m glad it could make you feel better about your hunter… The thing with BM is to take the talent “killer cobra”, then cobra shot will refresh your kill command and your rotation gets really fun…

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      2. Gamrok, I gave my BM hunter a shot yesterday (no pun intended, hah!). It wasn’t bad. I learned a few things… The first being that I’ve played too long now as a warrior in melee to go back to being a ranged class full time. 😉 I was basically barraging mobs right up in their faces and getting beat on for my troubles. The second being that I now know with 150% certainty that the warrior class fits my personality so much better than hunter did. I read the most recent post on your Brutes blog today, and reading the obvious passion for the class as well as the joy found in the Trueshot Lodge, I realized I’m a lousy hunter. Because those feelings described in the post, I have them for Skyhold but not for Trueshot Lodge, which I was rather non-plussed about (not to say that’s it’s not lovely, just not “home”). The third thing is that I know I can play her now as an alt if I want to, I just burn out on her fairly quickly and need breaks from playing; and that is actually true for my paladin and my druid at the moment as well, so not unique to my hunter.

        I consider last evening to be a positive experience. I guess I finally feel at peace with her.

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      3. I am really glad to read, it made you feel at peace with your Hunter.

        We all change, so maybe ones connection to the class we used to play, change with us.

        Fantastic that The Brutes post helped you too, they are always worth a visit, or two… or lots 🙂

        Thank you so for sharing your story, I think it can really help others, who struggle with the same.


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