G’Hanir, The Mother Tree


This post is mostly just for myself, really πŸ™‚

I wanted to collect all the things, I have discovered through research about the Druid Restoration Artifact Weapon, G’Hanir, The Mother Tree, in one post. (I’ll add a few posts about the Balance, Feral and Guardian Artifact Weapons later on)


I often curl up on the couch while reading blogs (thank you all you genuinely awesome bloggers for keeping me entertained) – and I would like to be able to read about this beloved weapon of mine like this too, or when I am on the road because of work.


So here you go, me – thank you, me – and if someone else out there enjoys it as well, then that’s just great too πŸ™‚
G’Hanir is by far the greatest Druidic weapon, I have ever seen; I adore the looks of so many of it’s appearances, and I will just include a few screenshots on those, I have obtained myself so far.


















































Happy Saturday everyone πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “G’Hanir, The Mother Tree

  1. I love G’Hanir, it’s the best staff in the entire game. Thanks for this post, I could finally read its entire story πŸ˜‰
    That last appearance is my favourite πŸ˜‰
    Go go trees!

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    1. Aw, glad you had been wanting to read it, and now could! It has an inspiring story, I think, but then again, I love lore.

      Mine too! Purple and all, yay πŸ™‚ Not easy to transmog around, very unique coloring but, much love!

      Gimme a T…! πŸ™‚


  2. A great story. Even the basic look of G’Hanir is fantastic. It looks like a blessed branch. I do have it, but things changed so much over the years I feel quite lost in resto. That said, every time I do a battleground on my lock, my soulstone always goes to the resto druid, if there is one. I am partial. Druids rock!

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    1. Yes, for sure, I have adored it since I got it, in all varieties. I cannot imagine that I ever want to transmog over it – except on special occasions, perhaps.

      Ah, I imagine that; I do not get why we have to get those completely spec overhauls at each expansion. It’s the reason I levelled from scratch again; simply to adapt and learn the changes in the best way possible.

      N’aaww, they totally do, no doubt about it!

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  3. Thanks a lot for sharing the entire story πŸ™‚ G’Hanir is the most awesome staff… and since I will never level a resto druid (eventhough I love them so much), it’s great to see the story behind it. I love druid lore… It’s one of the reasons why I level my balance druid throughout each expansion. Now I got to see the resto side… thanks πŸ™‚

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    1. N’awww, thank you for letting me know you appreciate it πŸ™‚

      Oh, you wont, howcome?

      Balance confuses me, but then again, I have not practiced it well enough to master it, after the big overhaul!

      No problem at all, that will be one Feathermane, thank you! πŸ˜‰

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  4. I have divided feelings about the artifact weapons and their many appearances. One part of me feels like it is great to have many artifacts with their own stories, questlines, multiple appearances to collect. One part of me feels that giving multiple appearances to artifacts, some appearances make the artifact look like a totally different item, kills the uniqueness of the item.

    What I mean is, I see a lot of artifacts around, many variations of them and usually I can’t tell which item is what. For example, when you see Thunderfury or Sulfuras or Warglaive from a distance, you know exactly what they are and so they create that wow moment on you. However, with these multi-appearance artifacts, there are five appearances for Ashbringer, or Doomhammer or Felo’melorn and none of them create that wow moment since you don’t really know what artifact you are looking at (maybe perhaps, except their initial appearance).

    Anyway, still good to have them, the more content the better.

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    1. That is a good observation, Eom. I agree, all the appearances cause confusion for me too; whenever I see someone with a fantastic look of a weapon, inspecting them will give me little info on where it’s from and what it represents – since there is indeed, so many out there.

      Hehe, yes, better to have them in this state, than not at all, for sure πŸ™‚


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