I waited seven weeks…Why couldn’t you wait one, Blizzard? (My rant #2)

Warning: This post might contain teeny tiny spoilers as to what happens in the Tomb of Sargeras raid and beyond. Also, it’s just a rant. Now you are warned πŸ™‚

My happy and exploring posts will be back tomorrow!



Seriously! Blizzard. We need to talk.

I waited weeks and weeks to be able to take out Kil’Jaeden.

I would ask to hear stories and adventures, told by my friends, of what would take place inside Tomb of Sargeras, when it would be my turn. (told in a none-spoilery-way, of course)

Every wednesday I would look to the LFR finder and see if a new wing had opened. I would enter, and be content with not being able to move forward, but instead, just find joy in doing it, a little bit at the time. Staying away from all WoW-related sites, to avoid spoilers. I would cross my fingers, that the next patch would not hit too soon.

Slowly I have managed to built up hype for Kil’Jaeden…Till today.



Yes, yes, let’s just get this out of the way;

Let’s all just be grateful that LFR even exists, so I, someone who used to raid very hardcore – who no longer has time for it at all, can actually get to “raid” and see the storytelling, I know.


I know.



But, that aside, I just need to get this off my chest;

Surely LFR got put into the game, so everyone would be able to feel as if they “participate” in the development of the story, right? Giving them a chance to see it too?

So how is it, that the sky in Azeroth suddenly has changed, even before I have went to the Deceiver’s Fall in Tomb of Sargeras this week and rid this planet of Kil’Jaeden? How?! Could you not have waited just one week, after you enabled Kil’Jaeden for LFR? One day?


Staying spoiler free has been no easy task, I tell you. I rarely visit Twitter, granted, even less these weeks, because of it. Or any other media lately, WoWhead and what not, to avoid knowing what will happen. I did knew small parts, how could I avoid it, but still.


To make matters worse, I cannot even follow Velen and Co. into the abyss, after I kill the Fallen Avatar – but have to do so by queuing up and “artificially enter”.

I know, that LFR is “artificial raiding” anyway (really?) but still. What is the harm in allowing me to enter the Deceiver’s Fall in the right way?

I just want cutscenes, NPC interactions, lore, storytelling…


I got into LFR today, and the team had wiped, before I entered, so the interaction between Velen and Co. was nowhere to be seen, either, and I spawned elsewhere too. I left. 30 minute debuff ate half my gametime today. (LFR should really be made into tourist mode, just for the storytelling aspect, I think)


The seeing of Argus in the sky afterwards was a big part of the encounter for me; I know it would have felt so awesome…But now it’s there already.

I was too late to the party. I tried my best, though, but I did not know I should have stayed on Draenor to be kept spoiler free. (Part of me thinks, that having Argus in the sky 6 weeks ago would have been better than now; so close to the “finishing line” for me)


I imagine the majority thinks this is just cool, especially those who level up and have no way to do ToS anyway (heck, I most likely would, too!)- and I know I probably belong to the minority with these thoughts. But thats ok. So it shall be.

I understand where you are coming from, too.


I am on a Broken Isles/Azeroth/whereever strike now. I shall not look at that sky, until I am able to take down Kil’Jaeden, in the way I want. (Why hello there, Garrison, good to see you. Oh, what is that in the sky there? That’s right! It’s not Argus, that’s for sure!)



Well done. You upset your Unicorns and Rainbows-Druid. That is quite the accomplishment. Way to go.


PS. Eliminating the position of Russell Brower is still worse than this though, just so we are clear. Nothing will ever top that.


PPS. I know I am making far too big of a deal of this, and this post is just coming across for what it is; bitchy. Maybe I’ll even delete it tomorrow…I am still going to play WoW forever (who am I kidding, Azeroth and my friends means so much to me) but that does not mean, I have to agree with everything that goes on.



Phfew. I needed to vent…There. I’m so sorry. Had to be done! At least it happens very rarely. I’m only human, after all. A quite passionate one, mind you…


Alunaria’s Avenue is a happy place most of the time, and so it shall be again tomorrow. πŸ™‚


Thank you so much for lending me your shoulder this night, and for listening to me whine and nag and bitch and moan, and here is a happy Orca!

In fact, just because this was such a rant, you can have two happy Orcas πŸ™‚




Tomorrow I feel much better…

Sleep well everyone πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “I waited seven weeks…Why couldn’t you wait one, Blizzard? (My rant #2)

      1. I know I find it easy to write about issues, and find it much more difficult to write about positive things. But when someone like yourself who always writes about the good is angry. They messed up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, you are right, I was hesitant to post this too, but this just got me so fired up; I had been looking forward to it for so many weeks – finally all those weeks staying spoiler free would pay off. I thought.

        I guess it was the whole thing too; with revealing Argus in the sky as the worst, then having the ToS wings cut off from each other, preventing a fully immersive experience, spawning mid wipe/raid, no NPC interactions, and what not.

        Oh, well. As you write yourself; The show must go on. And so shall I.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I even saw it from an low level alt in kalimdor. It doesn’t make sense. Either phase it so only after downing Kil’Jaeden, to keep story line, or just show it to everyone when the patch arrived. There were doomcallers in dalaran. Nice touch which felt a bit like a pre-expansion patch. But totally out of sync. This was sloppy. Like a patch or pre-expansion event in between patches. :/

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, it just does not make sense. Glad I am not alone with these feelings.
      But I guess Blizzard wants to give everyone a feeling of “danger” and changing “worlds” right now. Yes, that is a nice way to describe it really; out of sync!


    1. Ah, that is np, we cannot always agree on everything πŸ™‚

      For me it was also the entire experience in LFR; not being able to move from the Fallen Avatar and to Kil’Jaeden etc. It really felt as if the “casuals” are getting the shorter end of the stick here, if you can say that.

      That’s right, Orcas ftw, at least! Do I spot an Orca get together in the nearby future…

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    1. Oh, I hear you loud and clear, Eom, I feel the same way.

      I actually thought of you and the exact suggestion you post on the forum; since Argus really gets in the way of immersion, not to mention screenshots too.

      I would also like to hear, if it will stay forever or not, but I imagine that it won’t – and that we will find out why, when Legion is over.

      That’s my guess and hope, anyway; that they somehow connect it to the story telling and development of that.

      It is, as you point out, also quite odd, how it shows -everywhere-. Azeroth must be flat, or there is a lot we have not discovered, most likely.

      But yeah, I have some editing to look forward to, when I take all my usual panorama screenshots.


  2. I’m so far from ever killing ol K’J myself that I don’t mind, but I definitely get where you’re coming from, too.
    Yeah, LFR has kinda always been second-class raiding — I remember being sad about missing the transitions between different areas of the raid back in Throne of Thunder, when I finally got in a group to see it on Normal — but it’s been even more so since Warlords.
    Ooh, hadn’t thought about the screenshots thing. There are some angles of the sky where you can’t see Argus — it took me quite awhile to find it in the skies above Dalaran, actually — but nevertheless, I sure hope the angle the best light is coming from isn’t always the one that puts Argus in the sky at my back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so – Oh yes, you are spot on, I really miss transitions too. It just adds to the experience in such a great way.

      Aha, ok, thank you for the info on the angles and sky, fingers crossed that it can blend in nicely…Somehow.


      1. Thank you for telling me πŸ™‚ I took a tour around too; I can get used to it for a set period of time, I won’t be all special snowflaky and do a “Omg remove Argus for me!”, hah, but I really disliked how it “clips” into the sun/moon!


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