A Wispy View – Part 1


Ever since it was announced, that Blizzard had decided to eliminate the position of our very own Russell Brower; senior director of audio and lead composer, responsible for countless of captivating and truly amazing music pieces in WoW, it is no secret, that I have had a more difficult time to really immerse myself in WoW.

My blog is mostly a positive place, but I have to admit, that I have been upset over this decision, since I see it as a clear reflection of which way World of Warcraft is headed, and it is impossible to ignore.

I am not a fan of this.

I was so grateful to hear that the tribute I made for Mister Russell earlier this week was well recieved; Russell himself was even so kind as to respond to it directly on Twitter, writing the following:


Russell Brower response


It is so sad to hear, that he is having a rough time. It is very understandable, though. And we can only all hope, that Blizzard will remember how much music in the game means to many of us.

We can only hope, that they will honor the enormous contribution Russell Brower has made throughout the last 12 years and that he, as a freelance composer, still will contribute greatly to the game, while he is being appreciated elsewhere at the same time, for the absolute genius that he is.

Time will tell. No matter what, I will make sure to hold onto his solo album (which will be released sometime in the future), and play that and just pretend it is the ingame music.

We just have to put our best foot forward and hope for the best.



And so I shall try and move onto my next blog post; a series of posts, I had in mind for quite a while.

See, I often roam around as a wisp in WoW (More than likely as a result from many of my swimming adventures, such as Let’s swim from Jade Forest to the Timeless Isle,  Let’s swim from Howling Fjord and to Highmountain!,  Let´s swim from Vashj’ir to Tol Barad!,  Let´s swim from Isle of Thunder and to Townlong Steppes!,  Let’s explore the depths of Vashj’ir – part 1 of 77 and The Orca Tour.)

This inspired me to do a series with screenshots of the places I cherish the most, seen from the eyes of a wisp.

I hope you like them; I will let most of the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

I will start this series of with screenshots from my favorite city, Darnassus.

Dying is fairly easy these days, in zones where we can fly. Just a quick trip to the skies and down we go…




Do notice the stars. Beautiful.




A selection from the town, the streets and buildings.



A few from The Howling Oak specifically; A place I really have grown to love. The misty effect from the water is even visible as a wisp.





And from my beloved Cenarion Enclave, one from the outside and one from the inside, on the top floor.





I took a few from underwater as well as one, that clearly shows the graphic update the wisp model recieved, was it last patch.





This one I really like; it turned out so great with the shadows.




Another favorite place of mine; The Temple of the Moon






…These turned out nice too, I think – in particular the one with the guard.





…That was really it for me, I hope you liked this different view on the beauty in the game 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you so much for visiting o/




A Fun Fact about Wisps

Did you know that wisps were announced to be the next playable race in WoW in Burning Crusade? 🙂 It was the April’s Fool’s Joke 2006.

Wisps are fey nature spirits who build night elf structures and gather resources. Wisps have the power to detonate, causing a backlash of mana, and can become Ancients. Several thousand of them, known as the Ancestral Spirits, gathered at the call of the Horn of Cenarius to Nordrassil to destroy Archimonde.

20 thoughts on “A Wispy View – Part 1

  1. What an original idea. And the detail. Things like that usually go unnoticed. One hurries back to the living realm. As for wisp; I remember in vanilla, if I fell into the lava as a wisp (typically after wipe in BRD etc) it was a total nightmare. In big part because of the not so advanced graphics card back in the day. The first time I experienced that, I was so frustrated I almost removed wow from computer xD

    The screenshot with shadows is indeed beuatiful. Is that the reagents vendor?

    The last two screenshots are… poor Alunaria )-,:

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      Hah, gosh, yes you are right about that, thank you for the memory; I can remember that specifically in BRD indeed. At least now there is a “Return to Graveyard” option!

      Yes, I believe that was that vendor 🙂 Aww, I know, but beautiful in a sad way at least.


  2. I agree about Russel Brower, its really sad. I guess that not even Blizzard is protected from the tyranny of human ressources…

    WoW’s universe is filled with passion, you can feel it in the blogs, Youtube, the artists,… So much passion that, sometimes, we forget that they’re a company, meant to make money. Shareholders & boards are behind them, watching the numbers,…

    Have you felt how much more content there was in Legion, compared to Draenor?

    Wod suffered from ressources being allocated to the development of Overwatch and the WoW movie.

    Did anyone wondered how come, suddenly they had the means to create so much more content? I don’t try to justify or say that it’s right, but I work in finances and, believe me, that’s the way it goes everywhere: quantity OR quality. When the community asked for more content, what they didn’t know is that they were signing a pact with the devil…

    Well, let’s just hope that the increase in content will bring back a lot of people to the game, increasing the ressources, allowing to get quality and quantity on an even level, far from restructurations and human ressources 😉

    Great idea about the world seen as a Wisp, and, as usual, amazing screenshots 😉

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    1. Aw, thank you so much for such an indepth comment, Gamrok, I truly appreciate that; It is nice not to feel alone with my thoughts on that matter.

      I have not thought of it that way, actually; the differences between WoD and Legion, I never considered the allocation of ressources from WoW and to elsewhere either – what you say do make a lot of sense, sadly.

      One can hope, that when it comes to quality and quantity, that Legion has been a valuable lesson in one way or another, for Blizzard. But eliminating the position of Russell Brower sure does not sound as if they learn in the way, I want them to…

      But yes, let us hope, together 🙂 Freelance composer is better than nothing at all, I hope, too.

      Thank you so much 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome, Alu 😉

        I also think that eliminating his position is not a “Blizzard” decision. I bet that if M. Morhaime could, Russel would still be there. Unfortunately, cold logic dictated by accountants and p&o services are where it’s at nowadays…

        It sounds sad and grey but I believe that what makes Blizzard so great is still there and will remain… Passion never dies 😉

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      2. You are most likely right about that; I do try to think about it from a “wider point of view” and create some distance, but I just fail at being so cold.

        I think the music of Russell Brower touches me far too much for me to ever grasp this decision.
        Whenever I visit my Garrison, it is always his work playing, and I find myself thinking “How, how, HOW can any company ever let such a genius go”.

        I want to say “their loss” but its our loss too; and his, for not getting the praise he deserves for an entire lifetime – and more.

        I guess all we can do is make sure Russell knows how much we value everything he has done and will do in the future, and that we will never forget it; Because yes, passion never dies 🙂

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  3. Also, Alliance does have cute cities, whether you’re alive or not…

    And one thing I like about corpse runs, it’s the sound, it really make me feel like I’m on the other side, like a flying spirit. You remember when people were saying that a subliminal message was hidden in there, telling us to play WoW? What a nonsense, I don’t need anything subliminal to play such a great game 😉

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    1. You are so right, totally cute cities. You are slowly forgetting them though, being Horde and all…/Lures. 😉

      Yes! I know! Oh, that music that plays when a wisp; its the same music that used to be in Scholomance. Oh, I miss that.

      Ah yeah I can recall that. That sure would make sense “Oh, hey, you are dead, we better not have you quit the game in frustration, so we are going to chant something so you will stay…Stay forever….” 😛

      Hah, I know…Or…Maybe I don’t know…


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  4. *hugs* Your tribute to Russell Brower was beautiful and it made me smile to see he replied to you on Twitter. My favorite song he worked on is Way of the Monk from the Mists of Pandaria soundtrack. No matter what I’m doing, if I put it on to listen to I immediately get goosebumps and cannot help but smile.

    Onto a happier note, your screenshots are awesome! You are really good at taking them, unlike I. LOL! Your blog posts always make me smile, so thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw *Hugs* to you too, thank you so much for saying and checking in here 🙂

      I am glad we are so many that take the time to appreciate the work of Mister Brower. I can understand your favorite song; I have only just begin questing in Pandaria (I took a break of several years from MoP and onwards) and the music there is so captivating; just like every single piece of music in game Russell ever did.

      Thank you so for saying, I am glad you appreciate the work gone into these screenshots 🙂 I do toss aside a lot of them, when I am hunting for the best angles and light, so they do not always come easy!

      I’d be happy to do a portrait session in game with you 😀 (But you are playing on a US server, right? 😦 Darn! Really wish it was possible to group up across oceans like that)

      Fantastic to hear I put a smile on your face whenever you visit here, that means a lot!

      Thanks a bunch again 🙂


  5. Ah, such a nice and original post. It never crossed my mind to go off exploring the world when I’m doing a corpse run. It sure is interesting paying a little bit more attention to the surroundings once dead. Such nice screenshots ❤️ Thanks a lot for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, so glad to hear, I can inspire you to look around even more than you do already; I know that you are an explorer at heart!

      Thank you so much, Sisqi 🙂


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