Your WoW soundtrack – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #22


What things in WoW always make you think of a particular piece of music? Show us a screenshot/s and share with us the music that it brings to mind.



Uiihh, this was a tricky one for me, since I mostly listen to the in game music while playing, especially these days. Thank you again, Russell Brower

It is also rare, that something in game reminds of something in real life; its more often the other way around.

But as I was browsing through ooold music archives, I noticed a few songs that actually remind me of certain eras in the game, especially raiding, as that is what I did a lot back years ago.

Most of them are actually quite connected to the in game things in one way or another, but here goes, in no particular order; it’s the best I can do, this challenge was tough!




Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

Aw, this one…This one. One of my first WoW videos to ever come across. I adored it. Watched it over and over and over.




It also brought me to discover the song My Immortal with Evanescence


It reminds me of Vanilla, of the wonderful world I was exploring while I was new, and everything was unknown…It also reminds of me the time I spent in my most treasured guilds; Sincerity and Knights of Luthien on Turalyon. The old character models sure adds to the nostalgic feeling these days, too…





The Internet Is For…

Right, it might be silly, but this one definetely reminds me of Vanilla, no doubt about it. It was my very first WoW video to see on Youtube, and for years I thought it was made by those who did it, and I had no idea, there was an “original version” of it out there.




When I hear it, it really reminds me, of how simple things were back then too; whether it was exploring in Duskwood, The Plaguelands, Burning Steppes…You name it.




Oh, just came across this one as well:

The Shadow Priest – Mana Mana



Haha, and this one totally reminds me of Vanilla too, when I hear it.





Lots of goofy videos I guess! Rosetinted goggles and all, too, I imagine too.




Big Blue Dress – WoW

Oh, my, this one. Reminds me of Vanilla too.



It reminds me of all my time when I PvPed, which I did a lot back then. I would play this over and over, and have a laugh about it, even though I played a healer. Good times 🙂





Boom De Yada – WoW

My husband introduced me to this song (back before we got married). We met through the game, faith decided to put us in the same raiding guild back during WotlK, living just one hour apart, we met not long after, and have been together ever since. (Thank you deeply, World of Warcraft… Without you, my bed would not be of double size, and I would not be able to look across the room and see our 4 year old precious boy, sound asleep.)

My husband likes this song, a lot. A LOT. Whenever I hear it though, it just sticks in my head for weeks, which gets on my nerves, hah!



We would often listen to this one/watch it as well, back then.



It reminds of my time during WotlK – also from when I was raiding with The Last Watch on Turalyon 🙂




Time To Say Goodbye –  Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli


Aw gosh…The memories. I do not know exactly why, but this piece of music reminds me of back when Vanilla was about to end, in particular, the sadness I felt, when the friends I played with went to different directions, guilds split etc, as well as reminding me of my raiding time in Resisted, which I raided Ahn’Qiraj in Silithus with.




I used to browse the old realm forums while listening to this song over and over…




J’en Ai Marre – Alizée


I came across this one back around The Burning Crusade, because the Night Elf dance is inspired/ based on her, and someone in the guild linked it on our forum. I then became fond of quite a few of her songs.




It reminds me of the raids I did during especially Burning Crusade, Battle for Mount Hyjal. It was back when my raiding really took off, and I got very close with the people I played together, especially the healing team – I have so many great memories from my time in Core of the Alliance as well as from Docet Umbra on Turalyon.




Evermore – Dan Stevens


The very latest music piece, that I have listened to so much already on youtuberepeat, that it just sticks! I am sure this one will remind me of Legion in 10 years, when I think back.






That was really it for me, a very personal Blog Challenge indeed.

I probably didn’t do it “right”, and many of these “songs” do not reflect my personal music preferences either (except Dan Stevens perhaps), but I gave it a shot, at least – And I welcome any opportunity to travel across Azeroth. hunting for gorgeous screenies.

Happy night everyone 🙂

13 thoughts on “Your WoW soundtrack – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #22

  1. Many old favorites! 🙂
    Boom de Yada wow I am not sure I heard before. It’s great! Another old machinima is “Don’t Make Me Get My Main”. Also from Cranius. One of my absolute favorite game video stories (not really machinima) is “Lady Sylvanas Gets A Visit” (by an army of low lvl gnomes). Sadly they removed the music from it, so it is silent movie at this point.
    I rarely listen to music when playing. Sometimes I listen to podcasts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, “Don’t Make Me Get My Main”, I remember that one too 🙂 Oh, “Lady Sylvanas Gets A Visit” as well! Me neither, anymore, “too much noise” if I listen to music while playing.


  2. I laughed so hard at Big Blue Dress. My husband has a collection of cloth-wearing casters and has lamented many times over the state of their armor. As someone with a small collection of tanks that never have that problem, I of course love to walk by and say, “nice dress”…hehehe… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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