What’s in your bags and why? – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #21

Okay…This topic…Eh!

There is a reason, I barely made it. (Did I actually make it in time?)

My bags are a mess. But now I’ll just look at it as a welcome opportunity to clean out and perhaps get more organized!

So after this challenge is done, I shall get to do a late spring cleaning of bags, bank and guildbank…


Ok, let’s take a look now…No Bag AddOns. No system. Just things go into my bags, and every now and again I click the “sort bag” thing function there.






Let’s get right to it!





Well, I don’t know why…Off to a great start. Oh yes, I got it from Timewalking Shattered Halls, from that boss you have to kill in the end for that old timed quest 🙂

Didnt he used to drop a ton of potions? I guess this can really go to the bank or vendor…

PS. That mob hurts a lot in Timewalk, and unless you have a tank, who is quick on their feet, don’t just wander off and have fun with it all on your own…





Ok, see this has a meaning! The tree, Applebough, throws me an apple every time I run by him in Dalaran, if I have my Resto Artifact weapon G’Hanir equipped.

I have saved every single one of those Apples. And that is actually quite fun, because, it shows me just how many times, I have actually passed by him – a total of 277 times!





It’s still Midsummer Fire Festival isn’t it…No?

Well, these are fun all year long!

Right, into the bank it shall go…




Oh, would you look at that, I forgot to open a bag from a Pet Battle in my Garrison.

And I who am so desperate for Pet Charms…




Oh, I forgot to put this in the bank. I collect gems, all types, I always have. I never sell any of them. I don’t know why…




Why is this not a toy…

I keep this for the use effect, it creates a heart-firework kinda 🙂






Ok, this is my offhand, it looks especially awesome with the Inky Black Potion 🙂

Totally stays.



WoWScrnShot_071417_103532 WoWScrnShot_071417_103531WoWScrnShot_071417_104030WoWScrnShot_071417_103527WoWScrnShot_071417_103526

Some of the most adorable things in the game. When you helped out during March of the Tadpoles, and chose your very own Murloc to look after, it turns out, that you can visit it every single week and he will have a gift for you.



So adorable 🙂

I particularly like it, because it is in this neighborhood…



Ok, into the bank as well, since it’s of grey quality (Why Blizzard, WHY!?) and it’s actually a miracle I have not accidentially sold it to a vendor by accident.








Right…I don’t know. I must have gotten this from some kind of reward for the Shipyard /Garrison.

I never use it though, it just does not fit, does it 😛


Yeah, I know…Into the bank it goes.




Awww, well ain’t this just oldschool. Back when Sunken Temple was different, and, this item…Wait, how was it again? You had to visit a cave in Swamp of Sorrows, right, and somehow…Something with having this trinket equipped…Some speculation…Wow I cannot remember!

Bank, here you go.




Errr….It looks nice…It stays!







Various fishing items left overs from when I was fishing. I plan to again, for the artifact fish thing though…Stays!




Mine, all mine. It’s the one thing that keeps me busy the most these days, hunting for these, so I can purchase the Mirror Toy for 1000!




Hm, actually, hah, why do I carry this around, again? I can fly…




It’s quite lucky. That’s why.

But wait, why do I not have the other version of the lucky charm; the one you get from pickpocketing mobs in Southshore!? I normally always have that, on every single one of my characters…




This is awesome, why is it not a toy!



Totally stays! 10 min cooldown only too 🙂




Errr, slacker me, these are meant to be used, not store dust.

Poor troops of mine…




Well, you all know what these are for! To calm my mind. Best used after LFR.




I don’t know, why it’s still in my bags. I should start using that to finish something, with some kind of achievement I heard of…




Haha, also all mine! Look how many, 66! I should spend those on great transmogs instead….I suddenly started saving them up, but why…




Does this even work when it’s not Darkmoon Faire..?



WoWScrnShot_071417_103511  WoWScrnShot_071417_103512  WoWScrnShot_071417_103513  WoWScrnShot_071417_103514

Ok, I dislike abandoning quests, so very much, but bye!

I rarely do LFG anymore anyway…



STAYS! One of my first bags.  It’s from Teldrassil, of course 🙂

And it stores dreams.



WoWScrnShot_071417_103509  WoWScrnShot_071417_103508  WoWScrnShot_071417_103507

That Whistle still works where travelform does not, in those arenas for example, tied to PvP Quests…Which I never do anymore…

Right. Hearthstone, where is Oasis Inn, again? Silithus?

Why is there no picture of my Garrison Hearthstone? Gosh, what a loss…


WoWScrnShot_071417_103505  WoWScrnShot_071417_103503  WoWScrnShot_071417_103445  WoWScrnShot_071417_103447  WoWScrnShot_071417_103446  WoWScrnShot_071417_103444

Things I rarely use anymore, they have just been in my bags, since I did the Mage Tower Challenge…To the bank it goes.




Do I even have to explain this. It’s shiny!




WoWScrnShot_071417_103459   WoWScrnShot_071417_103456

WoWScrnShot_071417_103501   WoWScrnShot_071417_103500      WoWScrnShot_071417_103457


Why have I not used those stones…And I forgot I had that 50% xp bonus thing too…That should really be sent to my only alt, who does that Pet Battle in Shadowmoon Valley every day…

Magical Pet Biscuits, those are too awesome!




Why have I not got this equipped? Aah, right, Prydaz, that bubble! It got so annoying to be inside a bubble constantly…




I still haven’t got that Toy item thing from Firelands that turns me into a fiery cat, so until then, the staff has to do. But I never really use it, since it has to be equipped to work, only used during Midsummer…Maybe I should just go get that toy!






I’m practiciting Guardian and Bear! Ever since I found out I have that awesome looking Bear look, and moonfiring in Bear is just too hilarious.





WoWScrnShot_071417_103453   WoWScrnShot_071417_103452   WoWScrnShot_071417_103451   WoWScrnShot_071417_103450    WoWScrnShot_071417_103449   WoWScrnShot_071417_103448

I really don’t know…

Ah right, the alcohol; That’s just fun doing old raids and what not, while not being able to see anything infront of you!

The Candybar, maybe from Children’s Week? That is not so long ago, is it…

Oh, veeendooor?




I think I found like 4 of those NPCs in Broken Isles, that needs to be cured,  so far. What am I doing wrong? Not easy to level First Aid that way! I should really be more dedicated to the cause…




Nomi sucks. Sous chef, seriously!?




I don’t even have Skinning…

It’s just awww, it’s Finkle. Remember the mayhem and chaos that would happen, if someone skinned that epic thing off the Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire, back then!?

Right, no, ok, in the bank it goes.




Because my reagent bank apparently is full, and I haven’t really noticed…




Ok, well this I can explain, I have a Hunter alt, who I send all Mail items to, to expand my transmog collection. (She’s level 15…)




It’s lovely. And always will be.




Oooh, item level 900 :O

I am wearing a 875 cloak…Ok. Ah, right, the increase to all healing that crits %…I don’t know.




Oh, that was actually all.

Not too shabby! I’ll show a picture or two, once I get it all cleaned up nicely…Thank you for the challenge!

And have a wonderful weekend, everyone 🙂



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31 thoughts on “What’s in your bags and why? – Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #21

  1. 277 times in front of Applebough? WoW, that’s a lot!

    It’s a nice neck with the heart… It should totally be a toy.

    That fishing pole sure looks nice but I think that it’s time to get your fishing artifact 😉

    Aww, I’ve missed the murloc event, I’ll make sure to go next year. No matter what Illidan says, murlocs are the best creatures in the world (of Warcraft).

    All in all, not such a mess, a lot of things have a reason to be there. (like making an orca shine!)

    Thanks for sharing, it’s always nice to see what’s inside the bag of a lady 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, I know! Aw yes, it totally should, why is it not…

      Eh! I want the fishing artifact, but, can you transmog it still? It’s too hideous…!

      Aww really? Next year then. It was so worth it; I really like how it sort of “continues” Oh yeah, he does comment on that during the WQ 🙂

      I shall be cleaning it out soon though, maybe get a hold of that AddOn you showed 🙂

      Heh yeah, one should do a “This is what your WoW bag content says about you” quiz :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woooooot?! The fishing artifact is magnificent! Seriously, do the quest, you’ll understand where it comes from and you’ll never want to transmog it, trust me 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Really?! Hm. Ok. I guess I have to put it to the test, then… :p

        So I did the fishing fry thing achievement; so all there is left for me now is to…fish? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ………………………………She totally did.

        That’s me. So sorry :p Thank you Sisqi ❤ I must begin to have like a notebook next to me to write things down in…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing, it’s always interesting to see what others keep in their bags!

    I’ve also kept the Love is in the Air necklace, and the gifts from my little tadpole. Even though they’re grey quality, I would feel guilty if I vendored them!

    I tend to get stressed when I start running out of bag space… Or to be honest, when more than 1/5 of my bags are full… I’m a bit of a minimalist I think, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Oh, I am so afraid I will end up selling those Murloc items – please make a suggestion to Blizzard to make them at least white quality instead. I already have.

      Eh, me too – minimalistic is a good way to explain it. I look forward to cleaning up a bit in all the bags and banks I have. 🙂


    1. I know! Not sure why I keep saving them, really…Yes, I already submitted it as a suggestion in game; to make that necklace a toy!


  3. Well, you keep some really interesting and fun things in your bags 🙂
    It’s the first time that I see that “Log” thingie…. awesome! I never got it cause I didn’t really know what it was, now I’m going to get it as soon as I log ^^ I agree, it should have been a toy though. So many things that should be toys imo.
    Nice screenshots, thanx for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, so glad to hear that it made you notice the log – glad I shared a screenie of it then! I like it a lot too, obviously 🙂 Oh, us, around a bonfire, imagine that 😀 Must happen in the future.


  4. Hoarders unite!
    I also have some gray items.I am also a bit wary should I vendor them by mistake.
    I have all sorts of old stuff in bags and banks, I do like grandfathered items, too.
    I’ve saved the Heartbreak Charm, too. Not that I remember to use it…
    The Fleet Commanders Hat I think is saved in collection, so you can vendor it. The image of Alunaria wearing it made me laugh out loud. You are a master of screenshots 🙂
    The Essence of Eranikus Shade whispers to its owner. Iirc, when you activate it. As for hoarding, I still have the old Chained Essence of Eranikus somewhere. Do not seem to be any difference between them?
    The Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide is needed between faires if you are on the quest Test Your Strength and didn’t finish it before faire closed.
    All that alcohol! I am shocked, shocked, I say, that drinking is going on in old raids!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unite indeed! Oh yeah, lots of gray items? 🙂

      Haha, I am glad that picture made you laugh 😀 I tried to make it a little comical!

      Oh, yeah! You are right, that Essence did whisper :O Aww, hm, I am not sure of the difference either.

      Ooh, the Darkmoon Guide is? Ok, didn’t even know that, thank you for clearing that up 🙂

      Heh, oh, shocked, even! Surely you remember Dire Maul and the drunken ogre… :p


  5. I love how you saved the “treasures” the tadpole brought you. I still have a “cub’s first photo” in the bank from training a cat mount in Winterspring. 😉

    LOVE the shot of you in the admiral hat, way to style! I think everyone got one of those….my level one banker has one that was mailed to her from the garrison shipwright for reasons unknown to me.

    My main (prot. warrior) has the Prydaz necklace too and for her, the shielding is valuable enough that I ignore the bubbling.

    I have the Underlight Angler myself, and I will admit that I did look into whether it could be transmogged or not (sadly no), but I understand where Gamrok is coming from, and appreciate the origins of the pole. Frankly it’s very a’propos, considering the end of the questline. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Hey Miranda, nice to see you here again 🙂

      Aww, yes I could not get rid of those treasures from the tadpole, that flavor text is so adorable.

      You have that photo, that is so cute!

      Hah yes, that admiral hat photo, nice facial expression on that one! Oh, what, a level one banker has the hat? Oo. Nice going to be able to master a shipyard at that level :p

      Yeah, Im considering taking Prydaz on again for when doing LFR. Not that it matters much but the absorb is such a crazy amount.

      Ooh, glad I am not alone with wanting to transmog that fishing pole! Hah, yes, I bet it is, I understand it too, just…Not my style 😉

      Ps. Miranda, do you also blog about WoW? I’d love to follow you 🙂 (Your avatar links to Facebook which I, sadly, am not using.)


      1. I do not blog about WoW. I used to do a blog about my other hobby, Zumba. But as my kids have gotten older (9 & 5 now), I haven’t had the time to devote to it. It didn’t have a following of significant size in any event, more something I did for my own enjoyment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same here, heh 🙂 Aww, hah a Legion themed birthday? That is too awesome. Any chance you took a picture or two? 🙂

        Oh, you look lovely! 😉 Aww, shoot, US? I’m on a European server myself.


      3. Haha, np! I could easily picture such an uncle in a frame on a family wall and at that wedding, you mentioned 😛


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