Top 15 caves in World of Warcraft – Vanilla (Then and now!)


This post has been in the making for quite some time.

It became rather long, too. So save it for when you have time, cuddle up on the couch with your favorite drink, and dive in, if you want to take a trip down memory lane with me πŸ™‚




Originally I had intended for it to be a top 10,Β  but there were simply too many great caves, that I felt it was unfair to leave out. So 15 it is! It could have been 37, just so you know…


See, caves in World of Warcraft and myself? We do not get along that well. At all. I can get lost in the smallest of caves. Remember that cave in Un’goro with the crystals, at Marshal’s Refuge?



Yep. That one. I can get lost, even in that one.

I get…Frustrated when getting lost in a cave. That happens. A lot. And it normally ends with me ragequitting, or using my hearthstone to get out.

Every time, despite the frustrating, I am also thinking back, fondly, to my times when WoW was new. When I was new to the game.

Such fond memories of not knowing my way around…

Did you know, that caves used to be refered to as Mini Dungeons? I recently read that in my old book, the World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide.

.Book original.jpg


That puts it into perspective, does it not? All the hours one spent inside; no wonder you felt it was difficult, you were doing a Dungeon all by yourself!


Anyway. That’s enough talk, is it not? Too many words. Not enough screenshots.



So, to honor all my memories, thank you for joining me on a trip down memory lane,Β  as I bring forth my top 15 caves in World of Warcraft. (From an Alliance point of view, as that is all I have ever played) – coupled with some screenshots of how they all look in game today.

These are listed, not as the worst, or best, but simply in the order I came across them while levelling.

But I am certain that, the tougher they were, the stronger the memory.







A list such as this, without at least one cave from Teldrassil; the starting area of almost every single character, I have ever played, would not be complete. So!

Shadowthread Cave was my very first cave to enter. The mobs were hostile and it were spiders. Fantastic combination. However, they did not heal, nor flee, so I am sorry, Shadowthread Cave, you did not make the cut!

Neither did you, Fel Rock, oh, you cave, with all the Grells and the satyrn that hit far too hard. (To be fair though, I did want to take his head.)

No, the price goes to…


1. Ban’ethil Barrow Den


Ban’ethil Barrow Den is a small barrow den in Teldrassil that was once one of the sacred places built by night elves to hold sleeping druids of the talon. However, control over it has recently been taken over by the corrupted furbolg Gnarlpine tribe, and is now a dangerous place to venture for a lone night elf.




For all the Shamans that healed, when I had no interrupts…For all the Furbolgs that ran away on low health…For every corpserun I ever did…For all the times I got lost and had to use my hearthstone to get out (Remember the 1 hour cooldown)…For all the time my bags got full, because running back and forth to town would literally take half an hour…

Thank you, Ban’ethil Barrow Den.

For teaching me patience. And for teaching me, it can be a dangerous world out there, where one has to put their best strategy forward. Thank you for helping me discover, which class I was meant to play (during aiding Oben Rageclaw) And thank you for teaching me, how to find my way, when ever my world looked like this!









It’s a big world out there. I thought Teldrassil was enormous. Imagine my surprise when i landed in Darkshore.

Here, amongst many other things, you had to go fetch some mushrooms.

In a cave.

Cave Mushrooms , the quests was called, how creative! (Take a look at the comments on the quest. So old school, hah.)


The cave was behind Cliffspring Falls in the northern part of Darkshore.


2. Cliffspring Hollow




For me, this was my first time to come across a Naga. They were tougher than the Furbolgs in the last cave. And closer packed together. I died, over and over. Got lost. And died some more.

Pulling more than one mob resulted in me fleeing away. I tried and tried. Even grouped up with someone who helped their friend, and thought, great, we totally have this now, since he was “high level” (as in, level 30). Turns out, a level 30 player can get killed by a level 18 mob :p

It did not help that the quest was available at like level 12, when the mobs were several levels higher!

I visited this cave a few days ago as well, but sadly it has been taken over by Grells and Satyrs, capturing innocent animals.



On a positive note though, a very old friend of mine suddenly appeared out of nowhere, when I was heading to the cave!Β  There I was, hanging about (slightly afk sorting laundry..) and when I arrived back at the keyboard, I discovered him right infront of me!

How he tracked me down, I do not know, but he is a Hunter, and know my where abouts, I imagine..? πŸ˜‰

It was a very pleasant suprise, and such a coinsidence, considering he and I go way, way back to Vanilla together. So to run into him during this journey was fantastic.




Revisiting things together with friends is such a joy πŸ™‚







As a true Night Elf, I moved onto Ashenvale from here. The cave that really stands out here for me, is the one with the unfortunate souls of Druids.


3. Dor’Danil Barrow Den


The Dor’Danil Barrow Den[75, 75] is located in Ashenvale, south of Splintertree Post, and southwest of Felfire Hill. Although it has traditionally been the site of rest for night elven druids, the incursion of the Horde put the Barrow Den behind enemy lines. Although the orcs had little interest in a bunch of sleeping elves, the Forsaken who later joined the faction were not so disinterested.

They experimented with severing the sleeping druids from their spirits, driving the night elves insane. The Barrow Den was filled with skulking Forsaken assassins during that time. The Forsaken have since departed both the Barrow and the outside area, but they leave behind the enraged souls of the severed druids, and three particularly powerful spirits β€” those of Uthil Mooncall, Mavoris Cloudsbreak, and Taneel Darkwood.


Despite the design being similar to the cave in Teldrassil, I still had not memorized it, and inside, there were tough mobs, you had to go quite deep inside, get lost, go out, aaand then back again, get lost, and back later on for another quest in the chain. (I apologize for the lack of details on the quest, my memory is beginning to fail. But…Druids…!)




It involved a lot of travelling through the dangerous forests – and Ashenvale will always be the place, where I really felt as if I was up against one of the harder bosses in the game; Mountains



That brought me to Eastern Kingdom.

From Ashenvale and on, I bounced back and forth between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom, when I was levelling.

Well, as much back and forth as it was possible, with the boat, tram and hearthstone off cooldown.


So, around level 16, I arrived in…


Elwynn Forest



Ah, you guessed it already, I imagine?


4. The Fargodeep Mine



The Fargodeep Mine is an abandoned gold mine located in Elwynn Forest, which has been overrun by kobolds.


Yes, this was my very first time coming across these funny little creatures, known as Kobolds. Is that a candle…On their head? ..What? Yet another being, who would flee in terror at low health. Another packed cave, where one kobold would become four, if you were not very careful, used Line of Sight pulling, and pulling them way back (watch the respawns!)





This mine definetely deserves to be on this list. (Hah, can you recall the Dark Legacy comics on this? Here, and here, for example)

I am not embarrased to admit, that despite being level 16, I still managed to die, and get lost, several times, in this mine!



Then I went to…


Loch Modan




Right, in Loch Modan, there were several caves that come to mind. Not because they were particularly hard, but finding them, that was the hard part. See, you got asked to find countless of troggs throughout the zone.

Vague descriptions as to where they would be. And the quest went on, and on.


5. Stonesplinter Valley Caves / Grizzlepaw Ridge


Stonesplinter Valley[33, 75] is a valley carved among the mountains in southwestern Loch Modan. Once a pristine setting, the valley is now crawling with hostile Stonesplinter troggs. Adventurers wishing to befriend the local dwarves will find plenty of work hunting the foul humanoids, and the most ambitious heroes strike deep into the heart of the valley in attempts to rid the region of the trogg leader, Grawmug.


So you travelled back and forth, and back and forth, aaand back and forth, desperately searching for the right kind of troggs.

This was a test of patience and endurance. So yeah, on to the list with the caves in Loch Modan. Some of them were extremely tough to navigate for me as well, since it were of designs, I had never seen before.

It still looks somewhat similar in game today, though a lot less Troggs, and I am fairly certain the quest line has changed entirely too. And those “complete quests without being at an NPC and get the next part in the quest chain” certainly changed the difficulty as well.



My journey now took me to

Redridge Mountains


(yeah, sorry, it rained when I flew by, but that has its charm too, right πŸ™‚ Actually I kind of like this screenshot a lot, now I look at it again… )



Oh, which cave I am going to mention? I think you know. Do you not?

If I say Blackrock Orcs and escorting Corporal Keeshan, what say you?

You are so right. It’s…
6. Render’s Rock


Render’s Rock is a large cave in the northwestern Redridge Mountains near the entrance to the Burning Steppes. The cave, much like Render’s Valley and Render’s Camp, is named after Rend Blackhand and contains a number of powerful Blackrock orcs.

Render’s Rock is also the location of the wounded Corporal Keeshan, who needs help in getting to Lakeshire in one piece.


While this cave perhaps did not cause me that much difficulty finding my way out and in off, this was two tough things combined; cave and escort.

Escorting NPCs back in the good ol’ days, remember? You could not even heal them! They would run off, across the entire map, pulling every mob in sight, last for two seconds,Β  die, splat, and there you would be; all alone, with a failed quest and another visit to the Spirit Healer, not to mention, the long walk back.

Oh, and respawns thrown into the mix too, obviously!




And should you succed in getting Keeshan safely to the road? Oh, do not think, that you are safe! He might just bug up on the long walk back to Lakeshire!

Fantastic times indeed πŸ™‚ /Thank you rosetinted goggles.

Today, the zone has changed massively. But, Josh J. Keeshan can still be found there. And as far as I can recall, the quest line after Cataclysm is very captivating (wont spoil things here)






Now, this zone. Oh, this zone. Captivating…So filled with danger that lurks around every corner, and packed with great quest lines. (And Twillight Grove, in Vanilla, where you could wander about and suddenly be face to face with an enormous dragon..)

Right, we were talking about caves!

No doubt that the catacombs in Duskwood has to be on this list.


7. Dawning Woods Catacombs



Something as spooky as this…Words cannot describe it. You must just see it yourself. Or read the very immersive piece Eom at WoW-Stories wrote on it.


Did you know, that when you enter these Catacombs, you can hear your own heartbeat?Β  (Seriously, turn up the ambient sound, it’s there.)


(Thank you to a very good friend of mine, who made it possible for me to enter. I could not have done this alone.)


It was beyond scary. Back then, and now. Not much has changed, except fewer mobs, it appears πŸ™‚

Let’s just look at a few screenshots and move on!







Stranglethorn Vale




Arriving at Stranglethorn Vale, after spending 10 levels in Duskwood, was a welcome change of scenery, despite how much I like Duskwood.

If you could pick one cave in the Vale, which would it be?

Oh, I think many of us can agree on…


8. The Stockpile (At Kurzen’s Compound)




The Stockpile[59.4, 18.9] is a cave system located at the northeastern edge of Kurzen’s Compound where Colonel Kurzen and his fighters keep their war-waging equipment. It also served as Kurzen’s base of operations before he was killed by his own soldiers during the Cataclysm.


Just the area in itself…Kurzen’s Compound. As if the mobs surrounding it were not tough enough as it was; adventuring into a cave, packed with them; with their healers – their medicine men (remember, they sometimes would heal WHILE running away?!), and in the end, be face to face with the leader, only to realize, you were trapped, with respawns behind you, and the leader infront of you (Elite mob). And no where to go…

That has changed too, since Cataclysm, but bits of it is still around, luckily.




Running out of doable quests in Stranglethorn Vale led me to continue in Arathi from time to time.

Arathi Highlands




No doubt on this one,


9. Drywhisker Gorge


deserves a spot on the list!


Drywhisker Gorge is a gorge cutting through the mountains in the eastern section the Arathi Highlands, northeast of Hammerfall. At the end of the gorge lies a cave, the only known source of [Lesser Bloodstone Ore]. It is currently inhabited by the Drywhisker kobolds. Deep within the cave, a mysterious stone shard can be found in which a piece of the essence of Princess Myzrael was trapped.


More Kobolds indeed…Fleeing at low health, closely packed together, and you had to go inside several times for various quests, including the one called The Princess Trapped.

Didn’t there also exist a quest linked to Stranglethorn Vale, was it…? Ah, my memory fails me on this one. The cave itself was also not that easy to find, it was up on a hill behindΒ  Hammerfall.

But see now, this! When I visited this cave earlier this week, look what I found…


Poor Worgen. He fought ever so bravely, I am certain.


So even today, these caves still cause trouble, apparently.

It’s times like these, I am very glad to be a healer, and capable of bringing others back to life. The kind worgen questioned my presence there too, and when he was informed of the reason, his response was…


πŸ™‚ So nice to still be able to run into friendly players in the world.

Today, the cave appears less crowded than before; the kobolds have a little more space in beween each other, but the cave design remains the same, so out I go, before I get lost again.





Let’s move onto

Searing Gorge




– to go into, by far, the largest “cave” on the list;


10. The Cauldron /The Slag Pit



The Cauldron is an enormous excavation site in the center of the Searing Gorge. Dark Iron dwarves and their slaves (Ironforge dwarves, gnolls, and a few ogres) work the pits and wield the shovels.

The Slag Pit lies deep within the Cauldron excavation site in Searing Gorge. It is run by cruel Dark Iron Dwarves and worked by their slave laborers. Within the depths of the Slag Pit there is another danger, ravenous incendosaurs. The Dark Irons are extremely hostile to any who would interfere with their mining operations.


I spent days in Searing Gorge, trying to get everything done down in that giant pit!

Elite mobs, countless of quests having you go back and forth, and not only was it a maze inside, it also involved various elevators, going up and down. It all equals a hearthstone on cooldown, constantly, one huge repair bill, and filled up bags.

And the final quest down there ambushed me, when, was it delivering or accepting a quest, it suddenly turned into an Elite giant right in front of you, meant to be taken on by a full 5 man group.



Yes. Great times!

Actually, visiting it this week, I was amazed; it looks almost lifelike in some places, notice the walls? Quite impressive πŸ™‚

Very much how I remember it, but more beatiful this time around.




Right, so I mentioned




earlier in the post. But no, it is not the cave with the crystals in them, all though I got lost in that too. Instead, it is


11. Fungal Rock


Fungal Rock is a cave in the northeastern wall of Un’goro Crater. It is inhabited by gorillas, and is also where one can find A-Me 01, Karna Remtravel‘s mechanical ape.


Oh, can you remember?

All those apes, enormous gorillas, with fierce attacks, often standing together in packs, all to prevent you from entering, finding A-Me 01, only to discover, that the next part of the quest asks you for a Mithril Casing. Oh, and let us not forget the rare spawn Gorilla in there, that would 3 shot you if it got the chance…

Ah, and did I mention, you had to escort A-Me 01 out of the cave too? It does not get any better than this!




I found it amusing, that A-Me 01 actually has been moved to be located outside these days instead of inside the cave. Other than that, the cave looked very much like back then.







By far, one of the hardest caves I can recall, is the one located in Felwood, located nearΒ  Jaedenar, called


12. Shadow Hold


Shadow Hold, located in western Felwood, is the main dwelling of the Shadow Council. It is a gigantic subterranean labyrinth roamed by Jaedenar warlocks and their demonic pets.

Night elf Arko’narin is being held captive inside as well as her close friend, a human by the name of Trey Lightforge, who later turns out to have been tortured to death.

The satyr Prince Xavalis and dreadlord Lord Banehollow also reside here.



Even at level 60, I had it difficult here. It was a very crowded cave, and quests chains kept sending you back and forth (Hmmm, I see a pattern…).

Captivating quests lines though! And an escort quest as well. (Joy…)

As I visited the cave this week, I was very happy to see, that the design and enemies there are much the same, as they were back then. They are lower level, easier, and so forth, but in general, it still is similar to Vanilla.




In Winterspring, I spent my last levels.



I can still recall the exact spot, where I dinged 60 (yet I cannot always remember what I did yesterday, what is up with that?)

This zone was such a mix of things. Quests took you here, that were somewhat hidden in game, and the connection Winterspring had to the end game things, such as the dragons, made it a mystery to me. Not to mention, the Winterspring Frostsabers.

That is why the cave

13. Mazthoril




made it to the list.

Mazthoril is a huge and deep icy cavern – populated by the Cobalt Brood. Within these caverns lies the true stronghold of the blue dragons, the forces of General Colbatann. Guarding this stronghold is an entire legion of dragonspawn sworn to protect Mazthoril. Night elf forces – including those rare few wintersaber riders who can tame the feral frostsaber cats – often clash with the dragonspawn legion, using blade and fang in an attempt to rid themselves of the malevolent dragons.[1]


It was filled with blue dragons, creatures that I had not come across often before, and in much larger groups and scale. I found them so fascinating. Sadly, this cave too, has changed a lot since Cataclysm, where the blue dragons were removed.

The cave is now home, mostly, to Altered Beasts.




Blasted Lands



…One of the zone I thought was so intimidating back then. The lightning in the skies, the sounds from it surrounding you, it all just added to it. Despite being able to do quests there around 50, this zone also had some quests, that were meant for players at end game. Tough ones, long quest chains ended there.

This was also a plac,e where I found some of the first repeatable quests; the ones that had you grind meat from various creatures, and upon delivering it, you would be granted an item, that would give you a buff to certain stats, lasting for one hour; making it suitable for those that raided, looking to maximise.

I’m sorry. We were talking about caves, were we not!


14. Serpent’s Coil


Serpent’s Coil is a winding cave system that had been occupied by evil cultists worshipping Kirith the Damned. It is located in the eastern area of the Blasted Lands, in sight of Nethergarde Keep. Several burnt-out orcish structures stand here, remnants from the Second War. Archmage Allistarj operates his Shadowsworn forces from within this small labyrinth. Many high elven cult members can be found here.


This cave was part of the entire quest chain end in Blasted Lands. My memory sadly is failing me on this one, especially since it is no longer around, but Serpent’s Coil stands out for me, and makes it to this list, because of the epic feel it had.

So I guess, that we established, that I can remember them feelings, and not so much them details…

Edit: I seem to have managed to track down the NPC in the cave, who was involved in the mentioned quest line here and here, in case anyone is interested πŸ™‚



While not technically a cave, this list would not be complete without a trip to Silithus




…and a mentioning of the hives there.


15. Hive Regal, Ashi and Zora




This zone always gave me shivers. The bugs. The sound. The wind. The sand. The quests. The bugs. Did I mention bugs? All the corners inside the hives, making it difficult to spot what was behind it, and in how large a pack they would attack. The music…Oh, the music too.




For old times sake…And perhaps a little due to getting lost too…



That ends my list πŸ™‚




I was going to include a few Dungeon entrances, though technically they are not caves like the others, still a pain to navigate, filled with Elite mobs.

But I ended up realizing, that pretty much every single Dungeon entrance would have been on the list then :pΒ  Though, I think the winner would have been…




How big of a maze that was, with so many entrances to it. Finding a group, mastering the Dungeon, defeating the bosses…None of that was as challenging as actually finding my way inside!




For this list and adventure, I came across a fantastic map, that I want to share here.

It really gave me a sense, of how large a world it used to be. Today it feels smaller somehow.

I guess, because we know it so well.


And a neat overview of caves here.



I hope you enjoyed it all, despite the length of the post. It took me all across Azeroth, and it made me rediscover a lot of things, I have not visited in years.

There were several caves that did not make the cut; it was surprisingly difficult to narrow down.


Now, I do wonder, what was your favorite/best/worst cave?

Did you read through the list thinking “How could she forget this one!?” ? – Then let me know πŸ™‚



Happy Orca is happy and wishes you a happy night, and thanks you very much for visiting! πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “Top 15 caves in World of Warcraft – Vanilla (Then and now!)

    1. Thank you very much! πŸ™‚ Oh, ouch, I imagine that was a tough combo too then, if you could not even see clearly. Not like we need more things to increase the difficulty of them caves, hah πŸ˜€


  1. This post really brought back memories. I still don’t like caves, even though it’s now easier for me find the way.
    My first character was a night elf warrior and Ban’ethil Barrow Den really was I nightmare. I got lost so many times, sometimes I just died on purpose to resurrect at the spirit healer, because I couldn’t get out.
    Cliffspring Hollow was even worse. I died so many times, in the end I just quit my night elf and created a dwarf, because that cave made me sooo angry.
    Nice post!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear! πŸ™‚

      Haha, I totally forgot about that, just dying on purpose. Aww, damn that it made you abandon the Night Elf all together, though I do understand!

      Hey, you made a dwarf then, you say? How was their starting area, when it comes to caves? I have never really tried.


      1. I continued playing my night elf later though, when I was more experienced and realized how bad her gear actually was (mostly greys and whites :’D. She’s actually level 86 now).

        There was this one cave with ice trolls, but I don’t remember it being bad. It was a simple cave design. And later another one with troggs, but I don’t remember it being bad either. It’s a big one though, but you don’t have to get to deep into it to get your quests done, so never really did.


  2. Wow good job exploring and writing this, loved reading it!

    I remember reading that wow strategy guide when i was younger and i forgot that blizz called the caves mini dungeons.

    Ban’ethil Barrow Den really brings back memories god i remember corpse walking for hours to that place god i hated it so much…belive i even quit my low lvl hunter “first char i made” and i never came back to him haha

    I don’t remember the darkshore cave but i know another “cave” thing in Darkshore thats amazing and holds actualy the first Demon Hunter, gotta show you that one, oneday πŸ™‚

    I totaly remember Fargodeep Mine and how brutal it was at low lvls aswell as Jespers mine!

    I really enjoyed the one in Duskwood you showed me it was amazing “while still creepy” in that cave special that head, we found…eww..just eww.

    Holy Sh*t! i totaly forgot about The Cauldron it was just so annoying maze with tons of mobs tho i still remember the sweet trinket you got from that! “Luffa” it removed 1 bleeding effect and was amazing for rogues when pvping if i remember right! πŸ™‚

    Serpent’s Coil i still remember alot from, you help to rebuild a demon hunter to his former glory to finaly slay his innerdemon! “ofc i remember all demon hunters :P”

    And finaly yes god i hate those Hive caves just so disgusting and hard to find thru! i still remember those big rooms with one giant wasp in the middle and tons of small worms around eww… just eww.. if i remember right they are some in tanaris now aswell just disgusting caves..

    Again miss i gotta praise you very good post! was really fun to read everything about it πŸ™‚

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    1. How awesome to hear – Thank you so πŸ™‚

      Oooh, I shall look forward to that!

      HOW can one forget about The Cauldron. Good thing I am here to remind you :p You remembered the Luffa though, nice!

      Yeah, exactly πŸ™‚ Fantastic that Serpent’s Coil.

      There are some in Tanaris too, indeed πŸ™‚ They hit hard too, I remember, spawned adds and what not. Pure joy…

      Thanks a lot for saying and reading it all too πŸ™‚


  3. Great list, it brought back a lot of memories! Nostalgia overload, but in a good way ^^

    The spider cave in Teldrassil used to be such a nightmare! I found Ban’ethil Barrow Den really fascinating because of all the sleeping druids, I didn’t know about the Emerald Nightmare back then so it was such a mystery to me.

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    1. One can never have too much Nostalgia overload, can one? πŸ˜‰

      Thank you so πŸ™‚

      Ooh, yes I imagine that must have been quite some introduction to the Emerald Dream/Nightmare.

      Little did we know back then, that we would actually get to see it in the version, there is in game today in Legion. πŸ™‚


  4. Wow this was Mammoth! Well done!

    Firstly, shows what a positive person you are doing the BEST caves because I would have done the worst. You know how I feel about caves.

    Secondly, I LOL’D at the Deadmines entry because I’ve spent so much time as a nooby beginner running around, getting lost, getting killed etc trying to find the entrance it’s ridiculous.

    Some of these I’ve never heard of / can’t remember so it’s been very interesting.

    I also think you are onto a winner with the dungeon entrances… what’s that one underwater in the mushroom zone? That’s a bloody nightmare!

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    1. Ih, thank you so πŸ™‚

      Ah, hah, you are right, though if you read closer, you can spot that I am actually calling them both the worst and best caves at once πŸ˜› See, the more horrible they were, the better I remember them, so I tried to put a positive spin on it. They made the world feel more dangerous and helped me develop respect for caves in general in game too – I mean, here we are over 10 years later and I can still recall some of them in details…

      Oh, I know! That Deadmines tunnel/cave/whatever- man! Forget about replacing someone from your group if they left; the new party member would never make it into the Dungeon on their own.

      Cool! πŸ™‚ I’m glad it was so interesting! Oh, which did you never hear of?

      Oh, yeah, mushroom zone…Hm, the one in Zangarmarsh, or?


  5. Amazing post! I love the nostalgy from Vanilla…

    I have to get one thing out of my chest: I hate the one from Un’Goro with the crystals! This color overload almost makes me dizzy, it always has! VoilΓ , now that it’s out of the way, let’s continue πŸ˜‰

    Those caves from Teldrasil to Ashenvale really hit the spot for me. It’s in those zones that I’ve discovered World of Warcraft and to see them brings back to memories.
    Ban’ethil Barrow Den is where I died for the first time in the game. It’s also where I discovered that there was no perma-death in WoW, just an occasional long corpse run πŸ™‚

    Silithus is also an amazing spot. I remember the quest “Into the Maw of Madness” where you need to venture into Hive’Regal and find what became of Natalia. That was amazing! It’s also where I finally dinged 60 for the first time.

    Thanks for bringing back the old caves… (it does sound a bit funny though) :-p

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    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Me too! I had a great time re-visiting all of it.

      Hah, that is ok, I can easily relate to that; apparently something can actually be too shiny :O.

      Oh, I thought of you and Sisqi when travelling Kalimdor and the elven zones. πŸ™‚ How did you ever manage to leave your Night Elf behind, is a mystery to me!

      Wow, ouch, you thought death was permanent? That sure would have made me play it completely differe – no wait…It probably wouldn’t. I was cluseless back then, at first :p

      “Just” a long corpse run….Right.

      Wow, you are right – Natalia! That was so epic!
      Thank you so for reminding me πŸ™‚

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  6. Ah man, caves can be a terror. I also have used my hearthstone because I needed to “kill 20 and get the thing”, having done that all those 20 had respawned to make me fight my way back out! The maps were useless, strange gray things with no sense of height or depth. And spiders, uck, yuck, ick and ack!
    Great list! Just last expansion I was back in Un’goro’s cave collecting ghost mushrooms for invisibility potions to run challenge dungeons — how do you like that!
    My first adventures in Azeroth were all Kalimdor because I was a Night Elf — so I saw many of those caves over and over too.
    Fun post and thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, back when there actually were no maps of the caves, too – Useless, pretty much, is spot on!

      Hah, right spiders added into the bunch did not help to make it better, not by one bit. I found they were easier than Humanoid mobs though, spiders rarely flee on low health and bring their friends. (Except some in…Blade Edge Mountains, is it..? They are even in stealth. Brrr, yuck, indeed)

      So glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much πŸ™‚

      Really, that’s too awesome, with those potions! Where did you use them? You still do in Legion or?


  7. Well, I took your advise and cuddled up in the couch for reading this post… I just loved it! Granted, I’ve never been a great fan of caves… once in, I never find the exit, and like every true Orc says: “patience is a virtue that I don’t have”… I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who uses her hearthstone to get out of these labyrinths 😬

    There are many caves that I completely forgot about though, your screenshots, however, brought back a lot of memories πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for this awesome post!

    I guess that the one I’ll never forget about is the cave in Darkshore. It was one of the first caves I’ve ever explored while leveling my first character… a Night Elf druid. Yeah, I know, this fierce Orc was a NE once (in a previous life ;-p)… hehehe… Anyway, I remember dying a lot there until my man came to the rescue… he looked so bad ass in his big gear and I was still such a noob… fun times ^^

    Thanx for bringing back these memories… it’s awesome πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s amazing, Sisqi, thank you so much! Glad it could entertain you on your couch πŸ™‚ Oh, I didnt even know that was what a true Orc said, hah.

      I think entering caves gives me a debuff, that takes away all existing patience, until out again :p

      Ah, me too, the one in Darkshore πŸ™‚ I guess when it’s one of our first zones, something about it will just always stick.

      Haha, which gear was that man of yours wearing at the time? πŸ˜›

      You are so welcome, so happy you liked it πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hello!
    I’m the old friend πŸ™‚ I’m glad I managed to find her and give her a little surprise. How i found her? A Hunter never reveals his tricks! No wait….wrong class, oh well
    It was fun helping Alunaria and getting into old places, Darkshore was my starting area back in Vanilla and i hve a lot of memories of that place (mostly corpse runs though) it’s so different now :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, why hello there πŸ˜‰
      It totally was! Such a coinsidence…Oh, maybe not /stares at you. hoping you will reveal your tricks!

      Haha, yeah, a lot of corpserunning. Oh, back when there were so few graveyards too, so you had to walk all the way to your corpse across the entire zone.

      Luckily we are Night Elves though – our Wisp when death is “Improved Wipe Skills”, as someone once told me :p

      Wisp Spirit Night Elf Racial
      Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%.

      Who called OP!? πŸ™‚ Thank you so for stopping by, Gwyllen πŸ˜€


  9. I read this several times, becoming totally cave-ptivated. πŸ˜‰ Every time I was going to write a reply, so many memories! Fantastic work you put into this post and your blog.
    The shiny cave in un’goro had a gnome NPC. That is a plus! (Not going to comment on all caves, although I feel tempted…)
    Ban’ethil Barrow Den … that horrible place… I am not sure I ever finished all quests there in vanilla, and I avoided it on other chars! I guess being a noob makes things like that much worse. Is there a word between “frustrating” and “traumatic”?
    Cliffspring Hollow – where we learnt naga are evil, very evil. And you are right, they were so tied together. IIrc, the respawn rate wasn’t too slow either :/
    Raven Hill Catacombs, brrrr….
    Kurzen’s compund, I remember that, and that I once made a really silly mistake when I thought I was smart. I don’t remember the cave, but I guess I gave up before getting that far haha. I was not the most persistent player πŸ˜‰
    A-Me 01 and Keeshan. Escort quests were made to annoy players, I am fully convinced of that.
    Shadow Hold is like a small instance in itself. As much as it was really hard and frustrating, it is a fascinating place.
    The hives… arrgh.. I almost got hives from them! (Obvious pun, but someone has to deliver them!)
    I guess the lower levels caves were worst, at least for an almost total gaming nub like me.
    Both as frustration, but also that they were scary.
    Hearthstone, without you, I would still be in Ban’ethil Barrow Den…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, so glad to hear it was such a pleasure for you to read, thank you so much for telling me πŸ™‚

      Right, respawn rate was very swift indeed!

      Yeah, especially Shadow Hold – the category Mini Dungeon certainly holds true there.

      You are famous for your puns, so… πŸ˜‰

      Haha, oh, yes, I can imagine that; I guess you would have had to ask for help in Guild Chat so someone could come and help you out of the den. πŸ˜‰
      Aw that reminds me, I often went back at level 60 to that exact cave, and helped out new players…


    1. I’m so glad to hear, thank you for reading it all and taking the time to let me know πŸ™‚ Hah, don’t worry, I do that too, even with a map as well :p

      Liked by 1 person

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