Surprisingly speedy fishin’ in Legion


Set out to focus on fishing to stay away from World Quests, I expected to spend weeks on raising my skill to max. I could not have been more wrong.


I discovered that by using the Legion fish bait, which attracts rare fish (which then grants you 5 skillpoints when you throw them back in the sea) I went to 800 in skill within a few hours.


Maybe that is old news to everyone else, but I had no idea, since I havent really payed much attention to it in Legion at all!

In case you are like me, then I put together a list of bait you can buy from the Auction House. Just get a couple of each – you should catch the rest easily. Do not spend lots of gold on them, you don’t need them all. (depending on your current skill)


Alunarias shopping list

Rotten Fishbone

Swollen Murloc Egg

Skrog Toenail /Aromatic Murloc Slime

Pearlescent Conch

Rusty Queensfish Brooch

Nightmare Nightcrawler

Funky Sea Snail / Salmon Lure

Frost Worm

Silverscale Minnow

Ancient Vrykul Ring

Soggy Drakescale

Drowned Thistleleaf

Demonic Detritus

Sleeping Murloc

Axefish Lure

Decayed Whale Blubber /Ravenous Fly

Enchanted Lure


I didn’t Β buy the overly expensive ones myself.

Then for each fish you catch which this bait, that is rare, and gives +5 skillpoints, just toss it into the water and there you have it πŸ™‚

I read somewhere, that it wouldnt work unless you have Legion fishing, but that’s not true. At least not anymore. So go fish πŸ™‚ Erm, go toss!




A few of the rare fish also places something on the ground, like a fishbone, or a whale blubber, that can attract for example a fly you then can β€œpick up”. Or a Druid will appear and grant you a fishing buff.





It took me hardly no time really.

Do beware though, that they are all Unique, these baits, so you can only have one of each at the time in your bag.

If you have some kind of portable mailbox, it would be very handy. (I didn’t).

Another idea I just thought of, which I havent tried myself is, that you might be able to sell the bait to a a vendor, and when you need it back, you can just buy it back.(Do not log out…)
That’s actually it – Happy fishing! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Surprisingly speedy fishin’ in Legion

  1. I think that there might be three baits per zone, so if you hold on to two then you can force that third bait to be fished up — like if you wanted the ring over and over again. AND completing Bigger Fish to Fry will lead you to the Underlight Angler, the very unique fishing pole with super powers!

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    1. Oh, right, of course, should have thought of that. Nice suggestion πŸ™‚ I’ve not even looked into that fishing pole yet. I shall, tysm!


  2. Once you get your legendary fishing pole, these baits take on another function (since you have to be 800 to get it anyway). They provide AP for the legendary pole, so you can start skilling it up. I’m not sure if ones caught before you get the pole will ‘switch roles’, as it were, when you get it.

    The more expensive ones are probably required for some of the steps in getting the pole. I know I fished for some of them for hours, and finally gave in and coughed up the cash.

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    1. Aah, thank you for clarifying. I was a little puzzled coming across them where it said they were granting AP (none some of mine, since I havent got the fishing pole yet). Now I get it, thank you πŸ™‚

      Right, wow, ok, that would make sense. So you need them for getting it? Ok. Lots to investigate. I do find the look completely horrible! I wonder if one can transmog fishing poles? That would be neat πŸ˜€


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