Day 2 without World Quests: Gone fishin’.

Still going strong, although I hardly had time to play, so I guess it gives me a fair advantage πŸ˜‰ Not a single World Quest today either!

I just fished today. Currently trying to get that adorable fishing bobber toy, that makes it look like a boat! And just levelling my fishing skill, too. Its around 400 so…


Any efficient way to level that in Legion?


But I must say, how peaceful it is to fish. Just turn up the ambient sound, listen to the surroundings and…Fish.




And just fly around, and fish in exactly the zone I want to.

That is a nice change brought to the game really. Fishing didnt use to be like that; didnt we once had to fish in “appropriate” water, to be sure we actually caught something and gained a skillpoint? Or do I remember wrong? Been so long.

Also took care of my new pet, the mongoose I caught yesterday.




I really cherish the way the water stream in Highmountain runs. Such a nice detail. Hard to capture on screenshot but well.




I realized though, that by saying no to World Quests and dailies, there are other things, I want to do, that I cannot do!

See, the rule is, I cannot do something that I can do again tomorrow. No repeatable things. Grind. Chores. So reputation with Anglers, fishing daily, and what not.

Nope! All in. (WhatΒ΄s that, I sense an aquatic theme, somehow…)


But anyway; so my poor Garrison is invaded by pets, I heard. All the Bet Pattle trainers are bored. And Nomi is pissed off. (But I cant say Im not enjoying that part, just a little bit!)



How beautiful is Dalaran at night?



So yeah, doing well on the withdrawal today!


Speaking of night…You have a great one! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Day 2 without World Quests: Gone fishin’.

  1. Fishing used to be based on skill, so in too high zones it was harder, or even impossible to catch. Too low zone did not give any skillups, so your memory is correct.

    Only way I know to boost fishing skill a bit is doing fishing dailies. 😦

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  2. @Wisteria I think what you explained sounds like a better way to handle it. I like the freedom of fishing anywhere I want, but still, the mechanism you explained would give a better sense of progression of your fishing skill, as you travel and visit higher zones.

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    1. Oh yes, for sure.
      I would like to get a skillpoint or so, along the way however, while trying to fish in “tougher oceans”.
      I dont mind not catching anything at all, that would make sense, though πŸ™‚
      But hey. Oh, the nights I spent in Darkshore so many years ago, over an entire hour on the very first fishing quest I obtained…Was it Darkshore Groupers. Memories…


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