The Tale of “She Who Said No To World Quests” (aka Congratulations Alunaria, on your very first rant!)

Ok. Let’s talk World Quests for a moment. Dailies. Gosh. Screw ’em! (Sorry!)

They SUCK for someone with little time to play.

SUCK! It´s as simple as that.



Sometimes I just have one hour of gametime a day. Then suddenly 20 minutes of World Quests feels like a lot. And it´s work. Who am I kidding. Yes, its towards a goal ahead, like getting a decent Honor Level so I can get into a rated Battleground, win it 10 times and get my Artifact Skin, which is all I ever wanted! (/Overdramatic mode on, in case you were wondering)

Obviously I know, I should just limit myself, filter through it and target the few that really ends up ‘giving’ me something but…Ok, but then there is The Broken Shore as well…Ok…Chance of a Legendary if I do the Emmisaries too…And the Daily HC Dungeon for Artifact Power, because reasons…



It’s also just…The concept of Daily Quests, of World Quests.

Do it now and get XX reward. Or do it tomorrow and get XX reward, sure.

But if you do not do it today, you essentially miss out on it. You can do it tomorrow, yes! By not doing it everyday, means you miss out on a potential reward. It´s not like you can just “save up”.


So cleverly made up by Blizzard. (Did you know they hire psychiatrists to develop the game in ways, so it is as addictive as possible?)


Hey! Who else misses that function, where you could run the “Daily Dungeon” 7 times a week on the same day, instead of once pr. day?

That was a great feature, they added. It was back in Patch 4.1.0 (“Players will now get bonus rewards 7 times per week (while earning less than 980 Valor Points) instead of once a day when using Dungeon Finder.”)


They should bring that back and it should be like that for World Quests too …Not like I´d have time anyway, hah :p

Anyway, no! It´s not good for someone with little time! It just makes me feel like this, when I log on…




Then after a while, and I am done with the chores, and I realize I have little time left to really play (hah, I know)…I just feel like this!




But today! Today it hit me. I got out of automode and thought to myself…“Wait, what am I doing…”




This is not fun at all!




What have you done to me, World Quests!? What!? What is this grasp you have on me?! NO MORE!

WQ no



No more, I tell you! Are you listening!? In fact, you can kiss my…!




…So today. I am preparing myself…For a week without a single World Quest. You heard me! An entire week! I wonder how that will go.What will I end up doing instead?

Gosh, a world of possibilities await.

Will you join me, too?

Will you take on this challenge?

Are you brave enough?

Do you have what it takes!?


Starting this Friday 9th of June, I shall not do a single World Quest.

For an entire week.

Are you there for me? I´m going to need encouragement, so I do not stray.

It´s a dangerous road…Temptation lurks around every corner…

Temptation WQ



But no! I must be strong.

So now…I say goodbye to the darkness…




And I walk towards the light…

Now, Mortals…Follow me into the Aby-, errr, I mean, into the light!




I made it!




…Phfew, at least I think I made it. Am I still alive? Are you? I´m scared! Please hold me!


Oh, look, a World Quest that gives Honor…Ah, maybe if I just do that one quest…There is no harm in that, is there…? Oh, another one right there…Surely two more won´t hurt..?






Phfew. Deep breaths…There, there…

OK. It starts now!

Game on, World Quests.



33 thoughts on “The Tale of “She Who Said No To World Quests” (aka Congratulations Alunaria, on your very first rant!)

  1. /hug I know you’ve been struggling with this. I think it’s brave not doing any, but I bet you’ll find so much to do!!!

    Keep us updated on how you spend your time… maybe you’ll be able to reach a better balance. I know I always have a good time when I do some fishing or something to break free from the grind!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aw, /hugs! Thank you for saying that, I do want to consider myself brave, especially today once the withdrawals are kicking in 😛

      I shall try to keep you updated, perhaps even write a journal over all the things I might end up doing. Fishing is on that list, actually, thank you 🙂

      Breaking free from the grind indeed.


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  2. I really only hit the World Quests at a hit or miss thing – if I’m in the mood, I do them and if not…I go on about my business doing what I want to do. Doesn’t do much for in game progression, however, I enjoy the game a whole lot more that way. I may not reach “end-game” by the end of the expansion and I’m really worried if I do or not. It’s fun to play without thinking about keeping up with everyone. 😀

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    1. Yeah, I entirely hear you. I can still remember the level of “pressure” to keep up with the guild, I sometimes would feel back when I was raiding on a ‘serious’ level.
      Back then I had time for it though, but still.
      Playing so casually does help a lot, especially when a new patch arrives. I tend to go back an expansion on such days, just to relax and “step off the go-go-go train”.
      It’s all about enjoyment 🙂

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  3. Okay, first of all, is that an addon you’re using to list the WQs? (and if so, what is it?)

    And now to the gist of your post. Like you, my evening time is limited as to what I can do. I save my WQ activities for weekends, and even then I only do the Emissary quests. Sure, I don’t maximize my profits for maximum synergistic energy or whatever it is that the leet raiders do, but hey. I already have a job. I don’t need two of ’em.

    Mmmmm … getting paid for playing WoW ….

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    1. I´m using the AddOn called World Quests List 🙂 Quite handy!
      Hm, that is a good idea too, to just limit the “chores” to certain times of the week.
      Gosh, I can’t imagine getting paid for WoW. At first thought, it might sound so awesome though. But I would be afraid, that it would get harder to really relax and enjoy the game.
      I imagine those “hardcore youtubers” are always playing with their “work goggles” on, trying to find new things to create videos about.

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      1. Hah, it actually did help me to quickly get an overview of the WQs giving Honor.

        I mean…Errr. What are WQs?! 😛 Must find AddOn to block WQs from sight!

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      2. Np! It´s very good 🙂 (I mean, what AddOn?! :p)

        Yeah, doesn’t it? I admire the content they try to come up with, but somewhere along the way, it can end up feeling a bit “forced”.
        Quality above quantity.


  4. but…but…the legendary chance and the gloryious ap then?! :p ill support u missy but i cant join u for this one as a leet raider like grimmtooth said i gotta keep doing them to max my char and i accualy enjoy them :p tho can be cause i got so much time on my hands ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think that might be the cause indeed 🙂
      Enjoy it for me, tell all the NPC’s that hand out your WQs this week, that Alunaria is on strike!
      *Holds up sign, that says “I want freedom!” while chanting it, repeatedly*

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  5. That WQ addon seems very nifty, but doesn’t it also make it “easier” to see what is “profitable”? I.e. send a signal of “necessity” ?
    Fishing is a a good idea! And then you can at the same time work on the fishing artifact. And do fishing WQs in between! Oh wait…. 😉
    The whole WQ/daily thing is quite devious. 😦
    I wish you success! You are stronger than Blizzard. Or at least their psychopathy… err… psychology department.
    Which reminds me.. I have a WQ or two to do later… /blush

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it really does indeed. 🙂

      Haha, I know! I have to work really hard to avoid doing WQs it seems 😛

      Oh, awww, stay strong – You can do it too, if you want! If Blizzard allows… 😉


  6. Nooo I refuse to join you (we’re still friends right xx) I do my world quests daily though lately I’ve been letting them go for 3 days and then doing all 3 in one go and letting them go again etc. I don’t think I’ve actually missed one on Z yet though my alts have missed hundreds lol.
    Now Im trying to build up order hall resources for my alts to do lots of missions to collect their armor upgrades for their minions, I’ve started doing 8 sets of dailies.. I will be glad when they are done though.
    It does help that I’ve paired up all my alts with a friends alts so we do them together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, an older post of mine, but it still rings true with me. Repetitive content is not for me. Lol, yeah, those facial expressions, right 🙂


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