Let´s get the Archdruid Lunarwing form (The final 52 steps!)

Ok, so! The last step needed to obtain our new Flight Form is finally here.

Has it been so many weeks already? It took me by surprise.

But let´s get started – Here I present the many, many steps it took me. You can probably do it with half as many steps – or even less 😛 How few steps did it take you? 😉


1. Preparing yourself mentally. This is best done in the Dreamgrove.




2. Next, head towards the Broken Shore. Naturally, I swim everywhere these days…Beware of the mighthy sharks.



3. Then take out a ground mount of yours, because, why not, let´s remember what it´s like to actually walk and discover along the way, shall we.



4. Stop and get distracted and feel the urge to use the Inky Black Potion, unless you have run out. (Never run out)



5. Notice all the things you rarely notice on your daily World Quest round on the Broken Shore.



6. Be sure to pat the dog.

Because, it is a Very Good Dog! (Did you know the story behind Goya?)



7. Arrive at Deliverance Point.




8. Get distracted again and start fishing.




9. Then take a closer look at the water…




10. Then jump into the water, because all water needs jumping into…




11. …And then notice this guy in the water, and wonder, what the heck is up with that!




12. Then check his buff and chuckle a little to yourself.




Done with that? Great!

13. Remind yourself, why you are here. Not to look at flawless turtle costumes but to save Azeroth from the Legion…And to get your new form. So up we go, and speak with Maiev.



14. Get a litttle discouraged and somewhat annoyed, that yet another step in this Legionfall Campaign involves doing something you have done for weeks, months, already.

15. Stare in an evil way at Maiev and ask, if she is kidding you. (She´s not. And she wont turn up, when you have killed 99 Demons and say, that she just meant for you to slay one instead)




16. Get relieved that you now get to clear up your bagspace, and use all those Beacons you had for ages! Go nuts. Kill lots of Demons.



17. Head back to Maiev. Pass by a Hunter on the way and resist feeling envy over their Class Mount. (Seriously, I adore that, it makes me want to level my Hunter to 110 just to get it.)

18. Let Maiev send you to the NPC Grovewarden Proudhorn.




19. Wonder to yourself for a moment, why Grovewarden Proudhorn has no access to transmogrification.

20. Explain to Mister Proudhorn how transmogrification works, and offer to take him to the nearest Transmogrification guy, after you are done with your quests.

21. Then let him send you to the Dreamgrove.




22. Arrive at the Dreamgrove, and find Thisalee at once!

23. Discover the sad news that your beloved Shrine of Aviana in Hyjal is under attack again, but welcome this opportunity to see that part of Azeroth once more.



24. Arrive at Hyjal and love everything about it.




25. Get distracted and do a Pet Battle, because last time you failed to win with your very humble collection of max level pets. (Not this time though, I AM prepared, *evil laugh*!)

26. Continue to travel on foot (Well your Talbuk´s feet, anyway) to really explore and help to recall, how to find your way around when not flying.

Flight Form Hyjal



27. Arrive and conclude, that matters look much worse than you thought they would. (Perhaps you might even use Crystalline Eye of Undravius  for super immersion!)



28. Be swift and find Skylord Shadegrove.




29. Be sure to compliment him on his headpiece!




30. Assist the Druids and attempt to fight off the assault.



31. Be alert and hurry back to the shrine, but discover you are too late, that yet another one has been corrupted, and on top of that, has stolen the idol!

32. Deal with the loss of your wings, and travel back to the Dreamgrove and regroup.



33. Get distracted by a Tauren and admire his look. Be somewhat confused…




34. Speak with Thisalee again.



35. Ponder to yourself, why you are able to use Flight Form on this stage of the quest, when it clearly says, our wings have been lost…

36. Surrender to immersion and continue to stay clear of it, and kindly convince a hippogryph to take you to Azsuna instead, to recover the stolen Idol.



37. Meet up with Thisalee and make a run for it!

38. Along the way, realize, that while your wings no longer works, your hooves does!



39. Find Thisalee again, and for a moment wonder, if two Thisalee´s are better than one. (One is my Bodyguard, the other one is the one scripted in the scenario :P)



40. Realize, that two Thisalee’s ARE better than one, especially when one of them decides to doze off, while you are busy fighting with tooth and claw.




41. Make your way to the Legion Ship in the sky.

42. Take a moment and really get comfortable on the magnificient Lunarwing Owl – after all, this is what your friends will get to experience, once you are done and are able to carry them on your back.



43. Arrive at the Legion Ship, and be glad you brought both Thisalee’s, because they are both daydreaming.

44. Luckily one of them will awake and ask you to kindly check out, if her claws needs trimming. Check out her claws.



45. Get the Idol back from the evil Demon!



46. Once you got it, fail to resist the temptation, and jump off the ship, wondering what happens without your wings.

47. Bless Displacer Beast, when you land, roar in joy, and head back to the Dreamgrove.



48. Approach the newly built shrine, and accept the blessing…



49. Oh, before you do that, wonder what it looks like by night. Be amazed.




50. Ok! Now Gain the blessing and learn your long awaited Archdruid Lunarwing form!



51. Tour the skies – Do whatever you want.

Personally I am on the lookout for my friends to test out my newest Airplane Addition to Alunaria Airlines®!



52. That´s all. Oh, one last thing. Enjoy! 😀




(53. Realize you have no more time left to play that day, and send a letter to Grovewarden Proudhorn telling him, you will take him to the Transmogrification NPC the next day instead)


Oh, on one last note. I read that you can talk to Skycaller Faeb to toggle the old Flight Form on instead, if you want. She should be located near the new Shrine, but Wowhead also shows her location can be in Moonglade.

9 thoughts on “Let´s get the Archdruid Lunarwing form (The final 52 steps!)

  1. Absolutely fabulous telling of your adventure!
    Nice finding of Dagg in the pool. He is the most accomplished (only?) ogre rogue. He can be recruited as follower in Draenor. He is a very optimistic (lack of self distance?), but then, maybe all ogres are…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, so glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 😀

    Oh, I see, thank you for telling! I’ve not played much during Draenor in the open world.

    I got curious then and just read up on Dagg and it seems he is quite fascinated with disguising himself?

    He can also be found in the Uncrowned Vault it appears – http://wow.gamepedia.com/Dagg / http://wow.gamepedia.com/Uncrowned_Vault. – also with a disguice with a top hat, glasses, fake mustache and a leaf.

    I enjoy these little things so much – Orgres disguising themselves as turtles 🙂

    Hahah, just found this as well, that is just too amusing too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, thank you for saying, I’m so glad you found it entertaining and spotted the effort gone into making it 🙂

    I enjoyed it too!


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