Toy: Pretty Draenor Pearl + Orca = Awesomeness Overload

Oh, doesn’t she look happy, that Orca 🙂

Well, that is because, thanks to the inspiration from Wrathofkublakhan over at Coffee Cakes and Crits, I finally started to (slowly, slowly) gather a bunch of missing toys.

Pretty Draenor Pearl included. It´s pretty (I know… 😛 ) straight forward to get, simply head over to Draenor, and fish up Giant Draenor Clam at Frostfire Ridge. (The entrance is around 22.10ish, I think)


It makes your character shine beautifully for 5 minutes and has a 1 hour cooldown. (1 hour, seriously, why is so overpowered to have a few sparks around, I do not get it!) Anyway…


The Toy on it’s own is all fine and dandy, but now,…Add our Druid forms, especially the Orca, and you have got yourself a pair of  magnificient, sparkling flippers!






Or how about when Christmas is around, and you can, in fact, be Rudolph?



Smiiile 😀



Druids are too awesome.

8 thoughts on “Toy: Pretty Draenor Pearl + Orca = Awesomeness Overload

  1. Isn’t it!
    Oh, Druids ♥ Glad you found inspiration, thank you so much for taking the time to visit 🙂
    So many toys works in our forms today. I can recall back in Vanilla, where almost everything made you either shift out of the form or simply wouldn’t work.


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