Let’s swim from Howling Fjord and to Highmountain!

Oh, you bet, I will never be done with these swimming adventures.

In particular, I have been looking forward to this one, as I have already tried it from the other side, a while ago; From Higmountain and to Howling Fjord. But I died, before I could reach far enough to really evaluate what was possible and what was not.

Well, just because I die does not mean it is ruled out from being possible in my head!


So now, stronger and more prepared, I made another attempt.

After all, it´s not that far…Is it?





And so the fatigue bar begins, not far from the shores of Howling Fjord…But fear not. I have dealt with that plenty of times before. There is something a little terrifying about it though, swimming right into the very depths of the ocean like this.




The further I get from the shore, the more excited I actually become, because…Is it possible?




No matter what, these journeys bring in some amazing screenshots!




And the look towards Highmountain…Or what was suppose to be Highmountain!




Because you see, I´m actually quite far now.




Nothing but the ocean surrounds me…This is all I see, in every possible direction.




I begin to wonder though…I´m suppose to be able to see land now…My map tells me so as well.




But sadly…You guessed it.

[The Invicible Wall] strikes again. If you look very close, you can spot it there. (I apologize for the red flash in the screen! You can guess what is about to happen, can´t you 😉 )




Why, hello there, Spirit Healer, long time no see. Would you be kind enough and bring me back to life, for the 3rd time today? Thank you so much!




Shoot! I know! I actually got quite excited for this one, since my map showed me I was about to make it! But as it turns out the two continents are blocked from each other, and simply has seperate maps, it appears.

Oh well. I will never get discouraged. Where will I swim next time…I think it´s about to pick some low hanging fruit, for once, perhaps…

13 thoughts on “Let’s swim from Howling Fjord and to Highmountain!

  1. I love swimming around off the coasts. Especially when you run across things in the depths. It’s always interesting to find some ruins or a building and wonder, why is this here. Is it a part of some abandoned quest never put in, someone just adding some flavor, or maybe a project for a new employee to teach them.

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  2. Great to have you visiting, and to meet a fellow explorer who also enjoys swimming into the ocean. 🙂
    Yes, the chance of discovering something that is out of the ordinary makes it all worthwhile, for sure.
    Did you ever swim around Isle of Thunder, near the edge, where the fatigue bar begins? Somewhere, there is this peculiar little odd fish swimming around all alone. Was all worth it then 🙂


  3. Indeed, have to agree that the screenshots are awesome. Hehe, I love to explore as well, however, I am not sure that you can jump onto the Legion area unless you are at a level – no freebies like Tanaan. Keep enjoying the game because it is fun. 😀

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  4. Thank you so much for saying!
    Hah oh, wait, what? Freebies in Tanaan? I´ve not played much in the open world during WoD, mostly RPed, so, what is it with that zone? 🙂
    It totally is!


  5. I have faith, in one of these days, you will reach where you are set for 🙂

    I guess I don’t remember seeing those aurora lights in Northrend… beautiful. Don’t say the exact spot, I will figure when I reach the continent.

    I have had similar feelings of diving right into the depths, where you can’t see the bottom of the ocean but something keeps calling you from there. Gotta keep trying as you wouldn’t know what you might find.

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    1. Aw, thank you for having faith, that helps me keep going 🙂 They are so beautiful, those lights. Yes, exactly, just gotta keep trying, simply can´t stop.


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