Return to Karazhan – Opera Hall – Beautiful Beasts

“Cursed to take the form of a beastly monster, Brute must find true love before he loses his life to the dark magic that transformed him. Will he learn proper table manners in time to win the heart of the fair Bella?”


I´ve been meaning to post a few pictures from this boss fight for quite a while, but haven´t had much luck getting it in LFG recently, and little time. If you have never done it, the Opera event changes between 3 different fights, just like the old version of Karazhan. 🙂

But then the other day! It was there. In case you have not experienced it, it´s heavily inspired by Disneys Beauty and the Beast, an absolute favorite film of mine (I have a few…) – and the live version that recently were in theaters blew me away too. (Sorry this post might be a tad girly 😉 )

The encounter has  both Mrs. Cauldrons, Coggleston, Luminore and Babblet. Bella and Brute is standing on the side, not hostile in the fight itself.




I almost feel nostalgic when hearing the words “On with the show!”



You no take candle…Brilliant Lumiere 🙂



It´s quite obvious on the following shots of Bella and Brute; Blizzard has done little to animate the old models – counting on that we have the newer ones enabled…

Well I have the older one enabled still. Rosetinted goggles and everything.

…Yes I sent two real life letters to Blizzards Headquarters asking them to give us back the old Night Elves model…(The option to toggle those on was removed for Night Elves and Blood Elves because of Demon Hunters in Legion)

I mean, look at her face! Is it the same as it is now? No! Give it back to me, I had it for over 10 years! 😦 QQ.

The good old days Moonglade1


Getting off track here…Anyway! Yes. Old models on. But maybe it´s time to let go…They were really not “fitting” into the environment, especially the male Human. Some characters were made better with the update, but some faces really changed and will never be the same…*Sniffles*



But now..The rose. Look at that rose. Oh, I can´t believe I missed that the first time…


So stunning 🙂


Some of the things they say during the fight are taken directly from the movie, I believe. I’m posting it here, it´s so easy to miss during the combat, and they are more than worth a read (Seriously, there should be a way to turn off the graphics of all our shiny spells!)

Barnes yells: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We proudly welcome you to this evening’s feature presentation!
Barnes yells: Tonight… a tale of romance and rage, one which will prove once and for all if beauty is more than skin deep.
Barnes yells: Can the fair Bella learn to love the surly Brute? Or will a ghastly curse claim the lives of the prince and his servants?
Barnes yells: See for yourself whether the rose of passion blooms beneath a beastly veneer! And now… on with the show!
Coggleston yells: Luminore! Mrs. Cauldrons! Babblet! Let us dispose with these interlopers!
Conversation 1
Bella says: Who… who are you?
Brute yells: The master of this castle! You will be my guest for dinner!
Bella yells: Never! I only dine with gentlemen, not a Brute like you!
Brute yells: Fine! Starve to death for all I care!
Coggleston yells: Oh no, no, no… this won’t do! You outsiders will ruin our final chance to break the curse!
Heat Wave
Luminore yells: Zee true love, eet burnses!
Soup Spray
Mrs. Cauldrons yells: Hope I don’t spoil your appetite, dearies!
Conversation 2
Bella says: If you didn’t yell all the time, I wouldn’t run away.
Brute yells: I don’t yell ALL the time! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT?!
Bella yells: There you go again!
Brute says: Fine. Hey, do you like books?
Bella says: Oooooh, I love books!
Coggleston yells: It’s working! It’s working!
Kara Kazham!
Coggleston yells: Quickly now! Get rid of them!
Killed a player
  • Babblet yells: That will teach you to flirt with my boyfriend!
  • Coggleston yells: Delightful! One less guest for dinner!
  • Luminore yells: The candle! Mine!
  • Mrs. Cauldrons yells: That didn’t go very well at all, did it?
Coggleston yells: Never stand in the way of true love!
  • Babblet yells: Only beauty… can kill… a brute…
  • Coggleston yells: It seems… my rose… has… wilted…
  • Luminore yells: No… take… zee… candle…
  • Mrs. Cauldrons yells: Guess I’m… sleeping in… the cupboard.
Brute says: The curse… it’s… killing me…
Bella says: No! Our dinners together… those hours in the library… Oh Brute, I love you!
Brute says: It’s… too… late…
Bella says: *Gasp* Who are you?
Adem yells: Bella… it’s me!
Bella yells: It IS you! Come, my love. Off to our happily ever after!


Even the name of the items that drop are related 🙂

 [Candle of Flickering Lumens] Fire Artifact Relic
 [Ghastly Curse] Shadow Artifact Relic
 [Spellbound Rose Petal] Holy Artifact Relic
 [Visage of Brutish Iron] Plate helmet
 [Cloak of Sweltering Flame] Cloak
 [Cinch of Improbable Desire] Leather belt
 [Legguards of Imprisonment] Mail leggings
 [Trousers of Royal Vanity] Cloth leggings
 [Majordomo’s Dinner Bell] Tank trinket


The first time I did Return to Karazhan was on Mythic difficulty, being a little undergeared, so I was quite intimidated!I managed fine thanks to a solid group, put together by a dear friend (Thaaaank you!)

In LFG, generally, it’s all rush rush, so the attention to detail is somewhat lost, when you have to chase that damn Roadrunner Tank around, before he goes mental over dying.

You know the type..?

Meep meep.jpg


But I normally go back and explore a Dungeon after everyone have left. And so I did with this encounter too, and I´m glad because I actually never spotted that beautiful rose before. 🙂

While we speak about this (or maybe I am mostly speaking to myself and just want an excuse to have a place to link this…) I want to share one of the new songs from Beauty and the Beast, which I absolutely love. The scene it´s being used in is amazing too.



Did you ever take the time to speak to all the NPCs behind the Opera in Return to Karazhan, by the way? 🙂 They have some funny things to say!




Did they change the size and apperance of that ghost on Attumen by the way? O.o I could hardly see it before when I had to dispell! Now it´s so clear who it´s on.



Right! On with the show! Or, the day…You know. I have no time left, been up since 4.30 and it´s time to pretend I´m a fierce lion, or a stormtrooper- apparently..!

Happy weekend to all of you out there 🙂

9 thoughts on “Return to Karazhan – Opera Hall – Beautiful Beasts

  1. Really good post. Yes, I’ve clicked the NPCs, no I had not noticed the rose — or if I had, it sure went by quick. The amount of detail in this game is under-appreciated (which is why a post like this is great).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it – And I could help discover new things – I´m sure you’ll notice the rose next time you are there! 🙂

      You are so right, so many details probably go un-noticed. Time to “slow down” and take a look at our surroundings 🙂


  2. Awesome screenshots with lots of detail 🙂 – most of the time people are just moving too quickly through there to enjoy all of the stuff. I do the same thing when I run dungeons, just stay there and cruise around looking at the stuff (I like to explore anyway). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to notice 🙂
    Nice to hear that! Some Dungeons have so much to explore. Others are pretty straight forward without many details.
    I always cherished Karazhan because of the many different kinds of environments, rooms and atmosphere there.


  4. Oh, my! The movie Beauty and the Beast is out now, so Youtube had the actual movie-clip with this song!

    So amazing 🙂


  5. Wow, I really need to thank you for directing me to this post. First, regarding the reason that brought me here: you have me in tears from laughter from the road runner tank image and text.
    Secondly, Those are some amazing screenshots! Seriously, the one of the rose is stunningly beautiful, great work! (If we end up doing a post on the curiosities section of our blog, would you mind if we talked about it? We’d get our own screenshots there, but still give you credit for noticing such an important detail)
    Me and Princess of the Mists tried to do that raid once with some higher level characters (both for transmog/loot reasons and for the urge to complete everything :p ), but unfortunately we ended up getting lost so many times and it took forever. We completed it alright, but I still have flashbacks of being wandering around lost and those MC Escher looking stairs on one point of the raid were making me feel confused.
    All the opera events on that raid are taken from stories with actual bits of text from them, I also remember the little red riding hood story (so hilarious asking the wolf “what big eyes you have..”) and the Romeo and Juliet story, not sure if there are more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, such nice words. Thank you, Lord of Icecrown. So happy you enjoyed it 🙂

      I really like that screenshot of the rose too, took time to edit, and get the angle right; it is one of my most treasured ones in Legion of details for sure.

      Hah, oh yes, I get lost quite easily too there. Karazhan is a fantastic place, I enjoy it very much, so many details and different environments and fights.

      Yes, those little small things, such as interacting and asking questions to the NPCs are putting a smile on my face too 🙂

      As for your idea of a post on your blog, you are more than welcome to talk about it; that is not my place to say at all! I am glad that, what I make, can be an inspiration and I will look forward to read it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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