My Top 15 best things Patch 7.2 brought

Patch 7.2.5 is just around the corner, but the official “set in stone – patch notes” has still not arrived yet.

I rarely pay attention to them until they are polished, so while I am waiting, I want to take a look back and appreciate the “biggest patch in the history of WoW” (with my positive goggles on!)

Here are my top 15 of the best things that Patch 7.2 brought, listed in no particular order.




The Anduin Quest chain

Oh, this I really, really liked. It´s great with so much character development for Anduin, and the quests and cinematic was just fantastic.





Druid Class Campaign and Thisalee Crow

I adore everything Druidic, so another, however small, part of our Class Campaign was more than welcome, especially since it gave me my Champion Thisalee Crow, who I have grown to love. (not at first, though!) But I find her enthusiasm to be very contagious. 🙂




Cathedral of Eternal Light

Just a little more about Illidan, Maiev and in general some good lore thrown into the mix, combined with beautiful, detailed surroundings; I quite like this Dungeon.




The Broken Shore

To go back to where our beloved Varian died in battle felt heroic. The quests leading up to the place was great. (How the zone works on its own, and the time gating it still has is another matter, but I imagine without time gating, it would have been greater. But some of Khadgars jokes on the Isle ARE pretty funny!)





Flying on The Broken Isles

As much as I like to explore on foot or wih flippers, being able to fly was very welcome. All those hills, caves and mountains…Enough. I just want the choice, ok!? (And I had been waiting for this so I could begin Suramar quests…Not going anywhere near that zone ever again without flying)




Mage Tower Challenge

Oh, this. This. A personal challenge. Just me and my skills put to good use. I lived in Proving Grounds to see how far I could get. So this challenge was a great experience for me.




Paragon exalted reputation reward; Wild Dreamrunner

My very favorite mount in the game. Well, the way it runs with the 100% speed is not spot on, but it will do! And it has given my beloved Talbuk a well deserved break after so many years. I was very fortunate to get it.




PvP Brawls

These I really like! Well, not all of them. But Arathi Basin during wintertime was so great. Tarren Mill Vs. Southshore too. Really nice ideas, that have been executed so well too.




Transmog set overview made easier (adding a lot of sets to the interface)

Ah, it´s just nice to be able to flip through all the collections of sets way easier than before.




Open all button mail

Saying goodbye to an Addon for something that is implemented in game (finally!)? I approve.




Karazhan added to LFG

I cherish Karazhan, so I´m very glad I can do that through LFG now, since I have little time to invest into doing Mythics.




Achievements linked from other players now show your own progress on the same tooltip.

Just a little tiny thing for some, but it´s so handy if you´re doing something together with a friend, or someone links you something, to quickly be able to see your own status.




Set tokens for all raids from Serpentshrine to Siege of Orgrimmar have been updated to provide loot for your spec on right-click, in the same manner as newer raid set tokens. The vendor functionality of these items has not been changed.

Ah, that is another one of those, one might say, “small” changes, but it´s so neat and helps with the transmog collecting runs.




The amount of Honor required to advance from 1 to 50 at Prestige 0 has been reduced by 50%.

Yes, please! I´m slowly working my way up, in hopes of being able to, one day, win 10 rated Battlegrounds and unlock my Nights Vigiliance tint.




Charater turning to look at their target (up, down and everything!)

For someone like me, who is very fond of taking screenshots, character portraits and what not, this sure is a nice, immersive thing.


I guess, there you have it!

What are your favorites? 🙂

12 thoughts on “My Top 15 best things Patch 7.2 brought

  1. Hmm my favorite things in 7.2 was the Cathedral of Eternal Night easily just cause of i got Illidans glavies so in the instance he doesnt have his anymore just a nice detail from blizz really!

    Other thing must be the Mage challenge, being one of the first DH’s in the world completing it feelt really good and i had to do it twice stupid buggs..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, yeah, that is a neat thing, feel that Demon Hunter love! Did you grab a screenshot of which weapons Illidan has instead? 🙂


  2. Great summary! I wasn’t even aware that some of these were added in 7.2, specifically. Characters turning their head has caused a great deal of confusion for me, as I wasn’t sure if they have always done that and I just hadn’t noticed until now, or if it’ something recent. But now I know I’m not going mad!

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  3. Thanks for visiting, Bryssa! 🙂
    Hah, aw! Well, to be fair, it is not listed in the Patch Notes. I wonder why, since it´s a change, that would easily be written with a little humor, like they sometimes do? Like “Your character no longer wear blinkers, and now correctly look at those they speak with. We are not responsible for any neck-injuries that Taurens may suffer should they interact with Gnomes.” :p Anyway. Yeah, not mad! 😀


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