The Daily Blink – Part 1

As I wrote earlier, I just got found my old harddrive and discovered a bunch of long lost Daily Blink – comics.

They were so funny, and I saved quite a lot, though not all, just my favorites back then.

Was it up to and mostly during Mist of Pandaria and Cataclysm that the Daily Blink was around? The site sadly is down, and I couldn´t dig up more online, it appears as if it just…stopped? Anyway, here are some of them now, I hope they will make you laugh 🙂































8 thoughts on “The Daily Blink – Part 1

  1. 🙂 great you liked it too!
    I know!
    There´s just something about seeing my favorite game turned into a comic. Like the five stages of MMO –
    “Why do you not have a liver!?”, hah.
    I can still recall getting to Southshore and being so surprised, that every Murloc had a head! (There was that quest, where you had to get 20 Murloc heads, and it was one of the only quests with a 100% droprate). Ah, memories 🙂


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