PvP old schoolin’ it with Tarren Mill Vs Southshore

There was a time, where there were no Battlegrounds and players made up their own PvP….Oh, can you recall it still? I have very fond memories from Crossroads in Barrens. The Horde vs. the Alliance…From the same server…so you often recognized the players from the other faction and swore to revenge your death, over and over again!

I have been looking forward to this PvP Brawl. A lot! I liked the old version of Alterac Valley so much. Absolute chaos and just countless of Honorable Kills, healing till I was all dried out, then sneaking to the back to rest and rejuvenate. Or, more often than not, jumping straight into the crowd of Horde, as suicidal as it may have seemed, because, once you spawn, you´re at full mana, right 😉

Getting up the next morning, only to find the Battle from last night was still on…



Ah, those were the days! This new PvP Brawl is actually quite fun. It feels quite oldschool, heck, even the map is oldschool!




Oh, how nice it is to see Soutshore again.

I tried to resist temptation, but I failed, obviously. And at the risk of getting kicked from the group, I had to try and see how far the Battleground really reaches. But sadly, you can not swim very far in the water before the zone simply blocks you with an invisble wall.

Look at this poor Orca. Can’t you just hear her calling out into the depths of the ocean, longing to swim?




The buildings seemed intact, however, a few NPCs didn´t sell what they used to, or didn´t say what they used to…But my memory might be playing tricks on me, it´s been a while.



Absolute chaos, every trick in the book counts! “Get behind and kill their healers! Stealth team, go go go!”



I even was attacked by a sneaky Rogue, since he quickly spotted how few Healers our team had, he decided to have a go at me, multiple times. /Hugs Diplacer Beast, right 😉 Nobody brings me down!




Well, almost noone. Except when I have no mana….Oh look, our good old Southshoure Graveyard.




All in all, I find that this PvP Battleground was very well executed – I hope you’ll have fun doing it as well, if you’re into that 🙂


2 thoughts on “PvP old schoolin’ it with Tarren Mill Vs Southshore

  1. Good question! I did go into the buildings and they seemed identical. But it did appear as if some of the NPCs didn´t sell what they used to sell…Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. Added a few shots of it.
    Though you can´t roam freely around the entire zone, the Inn and so seemed to be fine – and one can go in during the 2 min preparation, so no risk of getting kicked from the group for “idling about” 🙂


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