Let´s swim from Vashj’ir to Tol Barad!

During my Orca Tour, I made several attempts to swim from one place to another. Where I´m well aware of the fact, that it´s rarely, if at all ever, possible, I just want to try anyway. So let´s!

Swimming from Vashj’ir to Tol Barad did surprise me though. Mostly in terms of how far I managed to get.

These days I´m able to swim quite far, until I run out of mana and no longer am able to heal myself.

But as you can see here, despite how far I was able to get, the landscape simply just stopped existing, more or less! I never experienced that before.


Here Vashj’ir stopped existing, and then this took over.





What weird is, that I was able to get this far. I mean, normally I´m being stopped by an invisible wall, and then that´s it. But here I managed to swim all up to Tol Barad (Or where it is shown on the map, of course)




Aaand then I ran out of mana.




I had no buffs or flasks on for this swimming attempt as it was not really planned ahead.

I spawned in Westfall afterwards! Needless to say, I had to ressurceted at the graveyard.

See, if you run back to your corpse in the water, even as a wisp, you start getting fatigued and die. Thats means you die, even though you are dead. Yes, that´s right!

What that means is, that you are not able to get to your corpse really, if you have made it as far as I have, since you cannot heal, when you are dead…So it would be a never ending battle to reach your corpse. So odd! (It took me a few attempts to really grasp what was happening, the first time it occured :P)



But fun anyway 🙂 Even though it´s another swimming adventure not resulting in discovering new land…*Sniffles*. Well in one way I did discover new land, I suppose!

10 thoughts on “Let´s swim from Vashj’ir to Tol Barad!

  1. Nice try 🙂 Made me think of reaching the border of the universe, which is not possible for us, since even though it is a finite space, we perceive it as infinite. Where reality and illusion merges perfectly.

    Looks those two zones are not in the same plain of existence. I would guess Westfall and Pandaria neither. Perhaps, one day they could make it so all the zones on Azeroth share the same plain of existence, making this type of swimming possible.

    The moral of this story: Where you can reach while you are alive, you can’t while you are dead.

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    1. Thank you! Heh, that is quite a nice moral.
      I´m afraid so; It seems most zones are not in the same plain of existence…But, I shall keep trying.
      Gosh, I would really welcome if they would change it, so we could swim like that. It would make it feel even more alive. And just imagine being new to the game, and able to swim where ever you wanted, curious if you will find land…


    1. Aw, thank you for saying, I am so glad to hear! I didn´t realize that either! It was almost like playing a very old game with those, shall we just call them, visible squares. 🙂

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  2. As someone who’s terrified of deep water, this sounds like my worst nightmare! But I still find underwater areas and places we aren’t really meant to visit in-game really fascinating, like the edge of Vashj’ir. Your exploration/orca posts are great, and it’s lovely to see all of these places without having to expose myself to the horrors of being underwater!

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  3. Aw, too bad one cannot carry someone else on their back in Orca form. Though I would not be able to heal two during Fatigue, now I think about it.

    You know, I can be terrified too, like that Whale Shark and where it swims around. Or when there is suddenly very deep waters and it all goes dark. It´s quite spooky at times. But it calls to me at the same time…

    I´m very glad you enjoy these posts, if there is ever any place underwater you want to visit, let me know, I probably plan to swim by anyway!


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