The Orca Tour

Having just ‘obtained’ the look of an Orca, I wanted to take a trip around Azeroth and visit every place I can recall having Killer Whales…

I believe they were first seen in game in Wrath of the Lich King, near the shores of both Borean Tundra as well as Howling Fjord. Correct me if I am wrong!

So I went to Borean Tundra first. I had to pay Bubbles a visit too!

Just on the way there, I passed by Sholazar Basin though, and saw this lovely rainbow.



I didn´t intend to pause, but a fantastic music piece hit me just as I flew by.


Anyway, on to Winterfin Retreat to see Bubbles.wowscrnshot_052917_133308.jpg


Hiii, Bubbles! ♥



He had the cutest little thing for me. I really cherish these items. (Be careful not to vendor it, since it is grey quality)



Breathtaking experience swimming alongside the other Killer Whales. And the scenery in Borean Tundra…Amazing. There was also a rather large Orca, I believe, one of the largest once in game there.


Onto Howling Fjord. Wrath of the Lich King truely had magical places. Notice the details on that parasol 🙂

Does it get any better than this?



Look at those cute eyes…


The next place I can remember – and where I was surprised to find Orcas back then, was in Desolace. The revamp to all the zones in Cataclysm must have brought them there?

One of a large size as well, but still not the largest one I came across. WoWScrnShot_052917_140919


A few more here, I was fortunate to have excellent daylight for these pictures.



A funny observation in Desolace – you can actually not swim that far into the ocean before both fatigue hits you, as well as making you unable to fly too. So the zone, somewhere along the way, changes into a no flying zone, for some reason!



The water surface (not the water itself) quickly turns very, very dark on deep sea.



The last zone I can recall seeing Killer Whales is Vashj’ir. I´m sure I’m forgetting a zone…Oh, Azsuna, of course! Must add that.

Right ok, but Vashj´ir first. That zone sure is captivating. I look forward to go through the quests there sometime again.



It was here I found the largest Orca the oceans of Azeroth has, I believe.


I tried to take a few screenshots to compare my own size to it.


This large Orca is actually called…Blackfin.



And our fins together.



My trip to Vashj’ir also brought me face to face with the Whale Shark. I find this creature quite spooky, I must admit! I´m not sure as to why that is. The way it slooowly swims or the fact that the water turns just a little bit darker where it is…I don´t know.

It´s enormous, that´s for sure!



Gorgeous view. I actually never flew much around in this zone before either.



And the last zone on my journey, Azsuna.



Here, the Orca, simply named Killer Orca, can be found, following just a very short route, before it mysteriously dissapears. Perhaps it is in deep distress over it´s mate suffering the worst of fates?



This ends my Orca Tour. What´s that now?

“Alunaria, where are all your “Can you swim from this place to that place, across the continents – attempts?!”, you say?

Why, I´m glad you ask! That is actually in the making as we speak, because, of course I had to try that 😉 Soon to come!

Thank you to Eom over at WoW-stories for the inspiration to take this trip! I hope you will enjoy his story Heartbreaking Lament of the Whales of Ashenvale.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure tonight. 🙂


11 thoughts on “The Orca Tour

    1. I did! 😉 Thank you for stopping by, I´m very glad you liked it!
      All these places are worth a visit, but I must say, the scenery at Borean Tundra and the underwater ambience in Vashj’ir were so amazing…
      Well, every place have its charms.
      Ok, they were all fantastic!

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