A fond farewell to Glyph of the Doe

Long have I wanted to appear as an Orca instead of a Sea Lion. Where the “standard” Aquatic Form (Is it even called that anymore, I guess it´s just Travel Form now? /Rosetintet googles off) might not be that pleasing on the eyes, it is a form I worked hard to obtain so many years ago.

That was back when it involved a long quest chain, that took you across the world, from the forests in Teldrassil and all the way to the shores and deep ocean near Westfall.

Back then, I had not even heard of the Deep Run Tram, and I didn´t know of Thottbot´s existence (Hah, remember that?), so I spend over an hour in a cave in Dun Morogh hoping it would lead me to Stormwind. It IS a true story. Luckily someone in General chat had mercy and directed me a little. Longer story short, the joy of obtaining Aquatic Form was grand!

But anyway. To finally appear as an Orca, I had to say goodbuy to my beloved Doe apperance.

For those not familiar with Druid´s Shapeshifting, our Glyps, that are used to alter our apperance, are exclusive, meaning, you can not change your apperance of your travel form with more than one Glyph at the time.

So you cannot have Doe as well as Orca active at once, for example.

Your Travel Form appears as a Doe.

Exclusive with:
Glyph of the Orca
Glyph of the Cheetah
Travel Form
Glyph of the Sentinel


So, yes my dearest Glyph of the Doe. I shall miss thee fondly. (I can´t just change around on the go, since the Doe-Glyph is quite pricy) So for now, I say goodbye to the lovely, mellow female version of the Stag.

Goodbye to those long walks in the forests on the Broken Isle, alongside those that look exactly like me…



And goodbye to the cutest combo of Druid form and pet ever.



And well, a fond farewell to my beloved Aquatic Form too…



But! All things come to an end, for now. And I get to say say hello to the Orca.

I am very, very fond of Killer Whales in real life. I watched the documentary Black Fish. I cried to the documentary Black Fish. And I watched it again.


I followed, holding my breath, when it was announced, that Tilikum (the Killer Whale Seaworld captured back in 1983) was dying. I felt relief, in the saddest of ways, when we were told, that he finally got peace, now, after so many years in captivity. Just like I experienced heartfelt relief, when Sea World announced, that they no longer will capture Killer Whales. Finally. (That is a subject far too big to discuss here though)


Where were we…Right. Doe! No more! But now! I present to you, Alunaria, the Killer Whale.



And I must say (except for those hideous “horns” it has) wow! I adore it. Did you know the sound it makes, when you transform into it? Aw! It´s so lifelike! And the way it swims, so elegant and smooth in the water.

Oh. And it works with many toys, too! Adorable blowing bubbles…



Or how about a Spirit of a Killer Whale? Gosh, it begs to be Roleplayed 🙂



And, of course, it sings 😉



(On a random note, wow O.o I just used the Crystalline Eye of Undravius – never used it under sea before, what a difference.)



Anyway… 🙂 I am so going to explore with this beauty of a creature right now!

8 thoughts on “A fond farewell to Glyph of the Doe

  1. I did the original Aquatic Form questline (and have the obsolete quest rewards in my bank to prove it), but I never liked the seal form. I swapped to Orca as soon as I could after the glyph came out. I still wish there wasn’t that one-glyph-per-spell thing, at least for Travel Form, though, because I’d dearly love to use both the Orca glyph and the Cheetah glyph.

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  2. Thank you for stopping by Kamaliaetalia 🙂

    The Seal was quite hideous, I give you that! I think with some big rose-tinted goggles on, I managed to stay in love with it for so many years. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I really, really miss my Cheetah too. It´s a little odd, how the Stag Form can be used even in zones with flying, as a seperate spell. I wish they would add all our forms that way.


  3. “a long quest chain” I wish they had kept those, knowing so many quests and items were removed from the game makes me feel my adventure will never be complete.

    “I spend over an hour in a cave in Dun Morogh hoping it would lead me to Stormwind” Sounds like a true explorer, hehe.

    “the Doe-Glyph is quite pricy” The economy sucks even in WoW, eh? If you asked my opinion, I think the Doe looks so gentle and fragile, it makes you hesitate to touch, that it kind of doesn’t belong to the mostly harsh world of Azeroth.

    I wonder where I can find that documentary…

    I shall meet with Undravius too. Always thought of having a clearer underwater during my explorations.

    Have a good time with her! And please don’t blame her for having those much needed horns.

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    1. Aw, yes, I know exactly what you mean. That is quite well described too; it is indeed as if the adventure will never be complete.
      Yeah, the economy in WoW certainly changed after the introduction of the Game Token. My own economy in WoW; well, I never really make an effort to earn gold, so I guess it´s natural I haven´t loads of it!
      That is a nice way to describe the doe, I did adore the look of it.
      You do that!
      I shall, thank you 🙂


  4. Ha! They gave you that quest at level 16, right? And you had to race across the Wetlands with those nasty level 20 crocs jumping onto the road. I was sooo lost, it was my first time to the Eastern Kingdoms!
    Now, consider the Underlight Angler swim form and one might (just might) consider the glyph of the sentinel!

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    1. Exactly, yes! Haha, oh, those crocs indeed! And just finding the way was an accomplishment. Good times.
      Oh, I know…I´ve not begun working on my fishing yet in this expansion. Too many distractions, too little time…But that Fishing Pole, it´s on my to-do-list! Have anyone seen my to-do-list, by the way…:p

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