Super Epic Grand Frustration! (aka how to beat Master Tamer Flummox)

Well, yes, originally, I didn´t intend to write any “guides” here, but man, this guy! THIS GUY! Pissed me off!

And as I insist on not using the “cookie cutter” Pets, because, I´m that stubborn – for no apparent reason (And, I haven´t got them and, I haven´t got the charms, and, and, and!)…

I spent almost half an hour going through my very limited collection of max level pets, and finally found a way to beat this guy. So wanted to share it here. Hope it saves frustration out there, I still couldn´t believe how easy it became.

Ok! Get a Pet with Curse of Doom, a Pet with Howl , and a Pet with Life Exchange. I had ONE Pet with each, hah, so, that was fortunate, I guess, considering how few Pets I have.



Use Curse of Doom!



Change Pets, then use Life Exchange! (And be sure to say, “suck it, you so called Super Epic Master Tamer Whatevag Flummox – what´s your name – muhahaha!”, when casting it)



Aaand change Pets again, and then use Howl.



Luckily I had the Lost Netherpup and it has an ability, called Shadow Shock, that deals extra damage to Humanoids too, which Flummox is. Just used that to finish him off.



Enjoy the sweet revenge and happy saturday 😉

Oh, and be sure to give him the eeeevil stare! Freaking…!



Haha, that actually just reminded me of an old cartoon, I adored when I was  very little, Fievel Goes West. (Gosh, it´s from 1991…I feel old)


The laaaazy eye 😀 (Around 1:00. But watch the whole thing, if you saw it when you were little too, there is a big change it will make you laugh just as much as back then)

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