Playing with Toys! (Dreamwalk)

Heeeavily inspired by Coffee Cakes and Crits, I now have more Toy-macros and Toys on my actionbars than ever before. (Did I say thank you yet?!)

I am one of those that use Dreamwalk, even if I do not have to go to my Druid Class Hall…I love the visual effect of it. (Though I will forever miss my direct teleport to Moonglade)

Here is a collection of screenshots using my newest created macros.


Simply type

#Show tooltip Dreamwalk

/Use Whatever Toy

/Cast Dreamwalk



The Bubble Wand



Death’s Door Charm



Path of Elothir (Adore this toy, have it on as much as I can)



Home Made Party Mask



Everlasting Alliance Firework



Berglrgl Perrgl Girggrlf (What IS that egg up to…!?)



Personal Spotlight



Photo B.O.M.B (Not a macro, but just used at your feet before Dreamwalking)



Druid and Priest Statue Set



Wisp Amulet



Piccolo of the Flaming Fire – awww, remember this one? Oldschoolin´ it from Stratholme…(That one was so silly! The dance animation gets sort of stuck, hah, fun)



Ursol’s Vortex (Not a macro, but just used at your feet right before Dreamwalk)






Cenarion Ward



Rainbow Generator (See, this one was fun, as that “cast” just is a channel that does not get interrupted! Though, you do need another player to target to make it happen, hense the change of location ;))



Aaand the Heartbreak Charm (From Valentines Day) Somewhat of a hazzle though, of course, since you have to equip the necklace first.



I have 137 toys, so the toy hunt is, without a doubt, on!

8 thoughts on “Playing with Toys! (Dreamwalk)

    1. Oh, that one! I like that one a lot as well – In particular how it´s possible to walk around with it, while channeling the cast 🙂


    1. You´re awesome! My very own Toy-collection-pop up-reminder! Is it Darkmoon Faire week already again? Gosh O.o
      Thanks for reminding me 😀


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