Glowcap Festival


The great Fshoo needs our aid in Zangarmarsh! I headed there just before bedtime (always a bad idea…), but just had to see what it was about. I really wish these micro holidays were around for 2-3 days instead of just 1, on some days, I just haven´t got much time to game.



Anyway. Land at the flightpath in Telredor and walk the rest of the way 🙂

Did you ever notice this gorgeous fountain there? I honestly didn´t. So beautiful. And you can hear the water falling.



Maybe the elevator in game who has killed the least people?



How Zangarmarsh looks at nighttime? Why, I´m glad you ask!



Using ground mounts really reminds me how much exploration the game has to offer. Flying mounts are great for getting from one point to another, but walking is for exploring.


Fshoo is growing! You have to heal it, as best as you can, apparently, till it gains 255 stacks, accoring to General Chat. And we all know, what is said in General Chat is always true. 😉




You can pick up various items that boosts your healing – or heal Fshoo all on it´s own.




Everything counts, rainbows, hots, you name it!

Sweet, sweet, hots…




It grows and grows…


And in the end, at 255 stacks, you let it die, and you´ll be granted reputation with Sporregar. 12750 in my case, to be exact.

It was said, that it was repeatable, but I didn´t have time to stick around and see for myself. But it sure brought in some nice rep!

And easy reputation with factions are always welcome, since Alunaria was made for Legion, she still has plenty of rep bars to fill. (What was that? Across Account Reputation, Blizzard? Oh, yes please.)



While we are on it – I agree, that these micro holidays shouldn´t have anything “tied” to them, such as Achievements,  Pets, etc. But it was quite welcome to see some kind of reward, that also made sense, such as the reputation.

Though at March of the Tadpoles, the reward from Bubbles was far more than enough for me, as well as the experience of course.


I still keep it on me…(More on that later!)


Good night 🙂




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