Obtaining Squirky – the new Murloc Pet

Yes, well, I just read about this Murloc pet yesterday, and since I recently started pet battling, I wanted to add him to my very humble collection. Even more so, I wanted to give some murloc company to my Bubbles, the Murloc I adopted during March of the Tadpoles.

Squirky is located on an Isle west of Azsuna – an Isle I actually discovered not long ago, by flight, not knowing what it was, or why it was there, but the elites surrounding the place was enough to keep me at bay.

But not today, baby! Not today. I had a Murloc to rescue, from those poor savagers. You see, Squirky just wants to grow up and see the world, I´ve been told, and is just waiting for us to make that happen. Children´s Week? Well, today it´s Squirky´s Day.

Okay! Off I went with my favorite Druid, Thisalee Crow. I really like how they finally managed to fix the bug, that caused our Champions to never shift into their forms.

Now flying wing to wing with another Druid is just….Ah, I like 🙂




Then I came across a Pet Battle “Trainer” thing World Quests (I´ve not done many of those) and it involved beating 3 Murlocs, so I thought, that would be good practice, I heard Squirky would be tough!


These Murlocs, were not. Not even with my very limited collection of pets. Onwards!
Well OK, then I juuust had to do another World Quests, since it gives Marks of Honor, that I use to purchase Ensembles of old PvP gear. Met up with King Mrgl-Mrgl. Hah, how I adore that he has a male Night Elven voice 🙂 Did you know you can farm items that grant honor when you deliver them by the way? I didn’t. Oo



Surrounding his area, I found a few cute things, such as this adorable baby Murloc Aquatic Fish tank.



And a few Baby Murlocs. Why are things always cuter when they are small?

I am no fan of Murlocs, not since I first saw them over 10 years ago, on the shore near Auberdine…



The journey must continue.

Sometimes, instead of just flying, if there is water on my travels, I swim instead. There is just something about the ambient sound down there, and the exploring in the ocean I really like…


Did you, for example, know, that rays have green eyes? 🙂



One more look towards the land of Azsuna.



Aaand we reach the Isle! It looks almost like a pirate island, doesn´t it. Yarr.



I have forgotten how viscious Murlocs can be…Oh, look at that giant pearl! Shinies! No, wait, that´s not what Murlocs say…


I decided to do this a little oldschool – clearing off the mobs one my one. I read the Isle was packed with elite mobs, and, it is.

Go go, Thisalee and Alunaria!


Oh, did you know, that being in different forms with our Champion gives us a buff? I didn´t know that..!


While in Cat form, Thisalee increases your Mastery by 2000.

While in Moonkin form, Thisalee increases your Haste by 10%.

While in Bear form, Thisalee increases your Versatility by 10%.

While in Tree of Life form, Thisalee increases your Haste by 10%. (!)

While in Travel form, Thisalee grants increased movement speed



OK…And then…Guess what happened. Oh, it was the very concept of oldschool! 😀




Aaand yes, he ran and pulled his friends. I did fine, but it sure brought back memories.


Fiiinally the battle could begin. It was fairly easy. I did not hunt for a certain quality, I just got him at Poor. But he will get stronger I´m sure…



I guess this screenshot shows how new I am to pet battles…;)



And then a shot, where I flew as close as I could without aggroing a billion angry murlocs, to get a peak at what was down there. Look at the bath toy 🙂


Hm, OK, so I got Squirky.

And I am just getting to know him…I must say, though, that this new model of Murlocs in Legion…I hope it grows on me.



It is not nearly as cure as the other one, is it? (Which I got from Northrend)



I can not leave a zone before I used my Inky Black Potion, obviously.

And I´m glad I remembered! Because, wow…



All those light effects in the dark. I adore them. Yes, yes, I probably said it before…Once or twice 😉



Thisalee! Your wing is blocking my screenshot!



Thank you. That´s better.



And a last one towards the shore of Azsuna…



Good luck getting your Squirky 🙂

3 thoughts on “Obtaining Squirky – the new Murloc Pet

    1. Oh you did! Congratulations! Hah, I found the elite mobs to be awesome. What a great experience to have a Murloc run away from you, and have it be, if only for a tiny bit, a “Oh, no you don´t, please don´t, Entangling Roots root root!” -moment 🙂
      Ah, I should “rare” mine up too – is he worth it, you find?


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