Exploring Cathedral of Eternal Light

Something sinister lurks in the upper chamber of Sargeras’ tomb. Once a peaceful place of worship, corruption has turned protector into poisoner, with Mephistroth at the helm – and the powerful dreadlord has one aim: to annihilate those who seek to return the Aegis of Aggramar to its resting place.

For Mephistroth, your attempt to infiltrate the Cathedral of Eternal Night is a deeply personal matter. The warlocks among you killed his favored general, Jagganoth, stringing up his corpse and heart in your Order Hall as both a warning and source of power. As for the rest of you, Mephistroth is seeking retribution for your recent brutal attacks on the Broken Shore. The memories are fresh. And revenge is sweet.[1]


Cathedral of Eternal light loading

Doing my daily Heroic Dungeon brought me to Cathedral of Eternal Light yesterday, which is the newest Dungeon in the game (released in Patch 7.2). If I have the time, I always stay behind in Dungeons after the group has left, to do exploration. Sadly most groups just rush to the end these days, and that is all fine, I am just happy I am able to stay behind and benefit from being able to freely roam around, without deadly foes in the way.

It´s a work of art, simply put. Wow.

I took so many screenshots, I don´t even know which one to begin with!

Let´s take it from the top…

You can see Illidan and Maiev here. I am looking so much forward to how this expansion turns out for them. And for so many others of my beloved characters in game…



Even the stairs in this place are so beautiful.




I do wondered how they managed to reach the top of the bookshelves…

Perhaps a kind Mage helped them? Flying books and magic brooms sure is a hint!


A different kind of Chess, perhaps..?



Ok, these. Look at these. Look at the light effect from the windows. Wow!

If you look very close at the last one, you can see the teeny tiny bits of dust particles! (on the far right)



Such details in the mosaic window…



The sweet Dornaa I helped during Children´s Week reminded me to always look up, during a visit to Auchindoun. Look at these…


In one of the rooms next to the somewhat “linear” way, is different kinds of pools. In this pool, you see Imps swimming around. My guess is, it´s not entirely safe for the kinds of us to bathe in…


But in another pool – one that one might assume would be safe for us, the body of 4 unfortune beings, a dranei, a human, a night elf and an orc too, was found. No visual signs of a fight, their weapons was no where in sight either…

Throughout the entire Dungeon dead bodies are lying on the ground however, so it´s probably only has to do with the Legion and it´s corruption…


One extremely nice detail in this place is, that you can see outside, down towards the Broken Shore. It really gives the game and places so much depth, that they made this possible. Not the easiest thing to capture on the screen due to restricted angles and darkness, but I tried.


There is a NPC in there, one cannot reach. If you look down you find a dwarf, most likely a shaman, called Durgan Stonestorm.



I´ve not managed to find out anything about him. But beware. Attempting to reach him (Yes, of course I had to try) will only result in…You guessed it 😉 You simply die on the way, not by the fall itself. It´s blocked, sadly.



I will end this post with my favorite screenshot…



I really adore these kinds of exploration tours, as it makes me notice even more details the next time I go, even in a rushed LFG-group.

Happy day out there 🙂

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