A hidden laugh from browsing the WoW-armory

Hahah, I just came across this, simply have to share. Remember how Suramar went from worst zone to best zone (if only for a moment)?

Well, despite everything, the phrase “Something´s not quite right” will always stick with us, right.

Ok, I tried to look something up on the armory…And look at the screen I got. (Note, only funny if you´ve quested in Suramar)


Somethings not quite right.jpg


Hahah, that is just brilliant. The facial expression and everything. Well done, Blizzard 😀

4 thoughts on “A hidden laugh from browsing the WoW-armory

  1. Haha, I know! Glad it can give a smile on someone elses face too 🙂 And really glad, that these phrases have changed from being obnoxious to something a little more fun!

    Like under the Balloon Festival, if you did that?

    The NPC in the balloon says:

    Final question, for Alunaria. What is the traditional greeting used in Suramar City?
    Good guess! The correct answer is: “An illusion! What are you hiding?”
    That’s all for today. Thank you for flying…and study up for next time.

    Brilliant 🙂


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