A journey to Tirisfal Glades

An ongoing RP event I am currently putting together, brought a group of adventures to the gloomy Tirisfal Glades. I have never played Horde, but one day, I want to, just to quest in this area. As haunted as it may appear, it fascinates me greatly too. And the changes to Southshore – even though I, on a general basis, dislike the revamp, Cataclysm did to the game – fits well with the journey at hand.

Here, I share screenshots from the ride from Southshore and to the Whispering Forest in Tirisfal Glades – all to attempt to preserve and restore a poor unfortunate Demon Hunter’s body, heart and soul, who was found brutally murdered in another timezone, in another land, as you might be able to see in the picture below.




Look at that sky. I have done no editing to this screenshot at all. Captivating.



The journey almost raised more questions about the areas than it answered. There are certainly some places I am going to visit again, when I have more time…


Tirisfal Glades at nighttime is even more haunting than by day, naturally.

A detour was made to Pyrewood Village – a town near  Shadowfang Keep. I can remember back in Vanilla, it´s inhabitants would transform into Worgen at nighttime. Sadly I was not able to be there at the correct time, but I want to return, as I have read it should still be the case – at 9 PM server time.

I can still recall the surprise I got, after the very long travel to Shadowfang Keep, to come across that town, and how it changed at night. It´s inhabitants would be too strong a foe when transformed, to take on alone back then.



As they adventured further into the woods, a wagon, I have never payed much attention to, caught my attention too, transporting nothing but coffins. More questions raised. The light – effects from the lamps on the road in the dark forest was truely a sight.

Hard to capture on a screenshot, but I tried.


On the northern coast of Lordaeron lies the eerie Tirisfal Glades. The unofficial kingdom to the Forsaken[1], servants of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, the wooded hills are seeped through with the curse of the Lich King‘s plague. The sky over Tirisfal is eternally gloomy and tinted a blighted green, and the trees and other flora desperately cling to their last shreds of life.

Although tainted and melancholy, Tirisfal still very much has its own unique, haunting beauty, particularly in such areas as the stony North Coast, the village of Brill, and the deep atmosphere of the ruined Agamand Mills.

Tirisfal Glades is home not only to the Forsaken, but to their enemies as well. The Scarlet Crusade has several outposts here, including the seat of their religious faith, the Scarlet Monastery. The minions of the Scourge are also ever present, tainting the derelict farmsteads and dilapidated mills with their foul presence.


Lamp Tirisfal

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