Whispering Forest

The Whispering Forest is one of my favorite areas in WoW. There are actually quite a few sites with speculation involving this area.

It´s located in Tirisfal Glades.




Once every 15. minutes a mysterious group of Faerie Dragons gather and begin to chant. (Years ago it used to be once every 6. hour!)

The wild life of the forest slowly joins and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a magnificient sight.

I won´t spoil too much here. Instead I will add a small picture gallery – click it after your own visit 🙂

I go there at nighttime as well as daytime. I am a Druid, after all. In fact, my Druid Toy has a chance to teleport me to the exact spot.

Natures Beacon


Be sure to have your music on too. And if you have your Garrison JukeBox, there is a little something for you in the middle of the circle…



I managed to find an old article I can recall many years ago.

A fascinating read about the area here.

But go see for yourself 🙂



6 thoughts on “Whispering Forest

  1. Aw, I know, that feeling when things in game surprise you in such ways. Fantastic 🙂 I did not see that post of yours, Syrco, thank you for linking, I shall dive right into it!


  2. Now, isn’t that one of the most inspirational places in Azeroth? I remember visiting that place long time ago. I am pretty sure it will inspire me for a new fan-fic story in my next visit. I just wish I could write as fast as story ideas are inspired 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will look forward to read that story, Eom 🙂
      Did you visit the place by foot? I must admit, I flew. I read it was tough to reach on foot, prior to Cataclysm. Hmmm…


  3. It must have been “stopping by while flying around”. In my next visit I will try mountaineering and see if I can reach. I didn’t explore the Horde zones yet in my new playthrough, I am planning to do that in detail once I am done with Alliance zones (some months later it looks).

    Liked by 1 person

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