World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

I recently had this arrive at my doorstep! 🙂 (Well, ok, I bought it myself! But still!)

I even went ahead and bought Volume 2 already.

I really, really like this book. I won´t be doing a full review of it, since the net is probably filled with those already. And this is not because I want to advertise for it (These babies sell themselves!)

Also, when it comes to WoW Lore, I´m just such a huge sucker for it, that I´m not the most critical reader out there to really do a review. 😉

Cronicles 1 4


I´ve always had a little trouble really “diving into” the lore in game. It´s so enormous. I don´t know where to start. But this Chronicle to the rescue.

Cronicles 1 2


It has such a great way of summarizing everything, without leaving too important details out, that it´s just a must have for me, wanting to know more of the universe of Azeroth.

Cronicles 1 3


The artwork in the book is captivating too. Just look at Karazhan. I really like artwork like that, since it makes immersion even easier.

Cronicles 1 5


I found a great overview of what this book contains here.

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 is a journey through an age of myth and legend, a time long before the Horde and the Alliance came to be. This definitive tome of Warcraft history reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people.

This beautiful hardcover book features over twenty full-page illustrations by World of Warcraft artist Peter Lee and marks the first in a multipart series exploring the Warcraft universe; from the distant past to the modern era.


Maybe you already have it 🙂 I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!

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