My Corner

Just wanted to share my little gaming corner of the world 😉


I collect Lego Dragons. Or should I say, collected, since I have all of those in the series I want! Then there is a good luck frog teddy. A porcelain figure from my grandmother. An angel from a close friend. A heart pillow. A Victorias Secret snow globe with music from when I was in the US many years ago. I adore snow globes so this one stands on display all year long!

My Corner 2


Surprise, I like unicorns. And yes, that is a Murloc! In fact it´s a Cute But Deadly Murloc Solar Buddy! “Sunshine makes me sway.” Then a sign to boost my self-belief every once in a while 😉 Behind the old vintage weight, is a picture from my mother. And yes, you actually see correctly! The yellow frame – it is indeed the picture frame from Friends, that hangs on the door to Monica´s and Rachel´s (Later on, Chandler´s!) appartment.

My Corner3


And my lovely Faerie Dragon, that I got for Christmas. And some decorations my darling son made.

My Corner4


I really wanted the Pepe Plush too. The Gryphon´s kinda cute too. Frostwolves Cubs too. Oh, and, Mischief most of all! Mischief! So adorable. Both costs so much in tax to have shipped to my country though. I see no reason why Blizzard could not have a store located in Europe. Oh well.


Good evening 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Corner

  1. Rereading this because of your anniversary post, I remember being so jealous of your Faerie Dragon! Now we have a EU store :DDDD (hopefully in time it will have more stuff)

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