The Broken Shore, a closer look

Black clouds swirl over the Burning Legion’s foothold on Azeroth. Demons of every shape and size march along the rivers of fel magic that boil over the Broken Shore. Above everything looms the dreaded Tomb of Sargeras, an ancient night elf temple that serves as the Legion’s gateway into the world.[2]

The Broken Shore, originally known as Thal’dranath,[3] is where the Tomb of Sargeras – and thus the Burning Legion‘s gateway into Azeroth – is located. Gul’dan raised this island up from the bottom of the sea during the Second War,[4][5] and it served as the demonic army’s base of operations during the Third invasion of the Burning Legion.


I´ve collected some screenshots from the Broken Shore since it was released in Patch 7.2, and it´s about time I share them!


While you quest on the Isle, do yourself an enormous favor and listen to Anduin Theme. At least if you are alliance, it really reminds you of what is at stake!


The featured image in this post is actually something I did not notice until recently;

It´s the big Demon that was responsible for Varian´s sacrifice in the introduction to Legion.



Alright! Let´s begin.


A screenshot from the quest lines leading up to Broken Shore. Oh, those things makes me wish I had more than one character, so I could experience them more than once. Just no time to focus on more than one.



Murloc mayhem.



Planning an assault



A Demon Hunter Murloc? What´s not to love…



I think this one was taken from Dalaran 🙂



The Anduin Quest line. Truely great, and very moving.


Collecting Coins for Khadgar. You are not mistaken. That is a rainbow coming out of…Well.



Hanging with my favorite bird buddy!


No matter where you are in the game, always remember to look up!



This is an absolute favorite of mine.



Bear Bomb from the sky. Oh, Shapeshifting, I love you.



Also a shot that I really, really like.



This one took me quite a while getting a great angle for a screenshot!


That´s about it for this round 🙂

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