A tragic story gone unnoticed

Following one of my newly discovered – already favorite – other WoW websites made by players, WoW-stories.com, written by Eom of Silvermoon, I just read his latest post, What Happened in Genevieve´s Barbershop?

I never once noticed the details he discovered before – and I have been to that exact room many times.

I will spare you the gruesome sight too. Today a bouquet of flowers was placed on the table, and a prayer was said, for those poor souls, no matter what really did happen to them or who, or what, they were.



There is some speculating going around, about what they might have been, and what happened to them.

I managed to dig out an older article about a few of WoW´s terrifying secrets here.

While we are on this, -the- WoW Lore youtuber, Nobbel, also made a few videos on all the scary things in WoW.


What a sad theme to end the day with!

Here! Have a few more peaceful screenshots!







2 thoughts on “A tragic story gone unnoticed

  1. Alunaria, thank you very much for sharing this on your blog. So kind of you to place some flowers and say a prayer. I don’t know what you did with the first image but I love it. You should teach me how it is done 🙂 Also, thanks for the links, I bookmarked them for future reference.

    I should say, I became a regular reader of your blog, due to the beautiful scenes you are capturing across Azeroth, but more than that, due to the noticeable passion you have in expressing your adventures.

    By the way, where (or when) is that winter screen taken? I don’t remember seeing such heavy and dense winter in Azeroth yet.

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  2. Ah, thank you for saying, Eom! 🙂 I love editing screenshots like that, I used to host full RP events, capturing every little detail of it. During my RP days, I offered screenshot character-portrait-sessons, where the essence of their personality was captured. It was so great. Maybe I should pick that up again.

    Easy to spot I am into taking pictures IRL, isn´t it 😉

    I´m so glad to hear you stop by here regularly! And that my passion shows.

    You are very right, sadly such heavy winter has not been seen on Azeroth. That is why I urge you to try out the PvP Brawl Arathi Blizzard once it is available again! As far as I remember it´s somewhere mid July 🙂

    It was beyond awesome, since you literally could not see further than you can on the screenshot. Not even on the minimap. Felt so real. My favorite PvP Brawl so far. The others can be somewhat entertaining too; They modify how you win the game, sort of, but this one in Arathi is all about scenery. The lakes are frozen solid too!

    A little bit more about it here 🙂




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