Exploring Uldum – part 1

Yeah, obviously, part 1, because wow, that place is large, and what a lot to discover!

I only ever quested there once, I believe, and that was on foot, so when my weekly focus this time around was Pet Battles, that brought me to the zone once more, I was surprised of all the details.

All the sand in the air, the ambience sound, the colours of the water…




This is by far my favorite screenshot of the day.



Of course I had to swim in the water. I came across some very great detail. It was hard to really capture on a screenshot, so go see for yourself 🙂

The mirror and shadow effects from above the water shining down in the some kind of – glass that was lying in it was stunning.



Yes, I never go anywhere without my favorite potion! So bring on the night to Uldum! Look at those light effects 🙂 It was a zone that became -very- dark, because of all the sand and what not blocking the star lights.



Worth a visit, more than once! See you there? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Exploring Uldum – part 1

  1. Nice screenshots, as usual. There’s something mighty about those desert zones, especially Silithus and Uldum, with such huge constructs and statues and vast plains of desert to appeciate them even more. The endless desert makes you feel limitless, but the huge constructs make you feel so small at the same time. I am much familiar with Silithus but I can say I have a lot to explore in Uldum yet. Hoping to see more desert zones in the upcoming expansions.

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  2. Thank you, Eom 🙂

    You are very right about that – I have never noticed the sounds of the sand storms in Uldum before either.
    “There is much to explore” 😉
    What a zone!


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