My first week with Pet Battles – a few tips

So. My first week of trying to focus more on Pet Battling is coming to an end. The drop Pile of Pet Goodies has not been that overwhelming. But granted, I play like one hour a day, so what to expect.

It does however bring in about 9-10 pet charms pr. bag! And I managed to get a few pets to max level already, since I had a lot of Pet Charms lying around already, by purchasing the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

I´d recommend to do the Garrison Pet Battles every day too. It´s fast and super easy to do. Well most fights, if you just have a pet of each family.



I´d also recommend getting one pet in particular; The Teroclaw Hatchling. I´m sure there are other pets that are just as great, or better, but in my experience, this one is just a very strong asset to your battles, because of it´s ability to dodge attack, as well as heal and transform into an Elemental pet when needed.



Then I want to recommend the one Pet Battle AddOn called Rematch. It allows you to filter your pets, sort them easily, and most importantly, to save your teams.

If you´re anything like me, you rather not spend too much brain capacity on this – you might even be a little forgetfull. This great AddOn lets you save your teams, to the targets you are up against, as you can see here. So if you are succesful and found a combo of pets that makes the pet battle easy, just save it, and you can quickly find them for next time. This works well against the World Quest Pet Battles, the daily in your Garrison and the likes.



I want to recommend getting the AddOn Handy Notes paired with Handy Notes Achievements too. That allows you to quickly get an overview of what you are missing from each zone. So if you happen to fly by, you can just take a little detour, do some exploring and get it done, while you are there anyway 🙂



Last, you must simply have this! Print it out and have it for every battle. It makes it so much easier to battle in the most optimal way. It´s from Warcraftpets.


Hope this helps – happy Pet Battling 🙂




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