Beyond the Tree

I came across this by coinsidence the other day.

Really brings back memories. So glad that it is stil available, wanted to share it here 🙂




Beyond the Tree is a World of Warcraft-based webcomic about a mismatched duo of Night Elves trying to find their place and purpose in Azeroth. It is mainly character driven, mixing both lighthearted adventure and witty humour with a more serious and in-depth grounding – both in character and in the world itself.

The journeys of Hani Foonmall and Rei Tiny are as much within as without, exploring both characters and world as they travel down the well-worn path of story and myth. Leaving as much to find between the lines as spoken outright, it aims to entertain while simultaneously exploring concepts such as friendship, being outcast, finding where you belong and more.

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