Unhappy Druid is unhappy! (PTR Archdruid´s Lunarwing Form – Mount changes into a glyph)

Yes you heard me! If you are a Druid and play on the PTR, please give Blizzard your feedback on this subject on the forum.

Basically, as it stands now, we won´t be able to transform into the new form, Archdruid´s Lunarwing Form. But instead, it will be a glyph we have to use across all our specs, and it will clash with our other mount glyphs, meaning, no more Doe, Cheetah and what not – form.

Not. Acceptable. 😦 Most of us already dislike the changes made to our forms long ago, where Flight Form overwrites Cheetah/Stag etc.

Let your voices be heard. There is still time to have an impact on this.



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