How Suramar went from worst zone to best zone (if only for a moment)

Well, OK, I´m one of those few odd ones. I dislike Suramar, a lot. It´s just too wither-y, purple, and WHO GOES THERE!?-y.

But tonight! That all changed! I finally managed to pull myself together, and progress on my quests there. (I know…)

And then this happened! I finally got my revenge.

So. How to turn Suramar from worst to best? Follow these simple steps:


  1. Do the quest Something’s Not Quite Right…


That´s it! It´s all you have to do. Don´t believe me? Check out these screens of proof.



Finally…I get to utter these words…



And my favorite!



Revenge sure is sweet this evening. Oh, and speaking of evening. Another hidden step towards turning Suramar into awesome.

Just drink an Inky Black Potion.





Suramar was home to the ancient kaldorei city of Suramar City.[1] (WoWRPG 377) Tyrande Whisperwind and the brothers Stormrage once called it home. For the past 10,000 years a portion of the original inhabitants remained, powerful in their practice of magic yet still becoming pawns of the Burning Legion. It is rumored they have one of the Pillars of Creation, and players will have their final confrontation with Gul’dan here.

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