End of the Risen Threat

Well, I originally had planned to go back and do the challenge and note down any insight into how I managed it. But I found out, you can only do it once. So I have to rely on my memory on this one, and it has failed me more than once! But here goes.


End of the Risen Threat is the challenge tied to the Mage Tower, for healers.


I will try and write my tips for this as short as possible, as I am sure there are plenty of indepth guides out there.

I won´t do a “You -have- to have these and those talents” etc. Use what you are most comfortable with. If you are here, chances are, you are quite the capable player.

There are a few things that will make each Stage easier to deal with, depending on your play style though, and I will cover that.




Before we start


My item level was 891. I´m a casual player these days, so had no tier items. I struggled hard to get my gear to where it is now. Well, if you can call farming 1291280918209 Nethershards a struggle, hoping for that lucky forge-proc. (What is UP with that..!) And unlike Khadgar, the damn NPC didnt offer any of the shards back!

Anyway. Of Legendaries I haven´t got many, but of those I had, I went with:


Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus

The Dark Titan’s Advice


I would recommend the Tranquility boots for the part in Stage 3, where you have to heal the spirits though, if you have them!

I brought a ton of the following:


Potion of Prolonged Power

I used this potion almost constantly. Saved it for the hardest waves in Stage 1. Used shadowmeld to “leave combat” and have it be off cd so I could use it again.


Drums of the Mountain

I used drums on the last Wave in Stage 1. Then, because of the “breaks” in between stages, you can use them when you want, basically, if you wait for the debuff to wear off.

Do note though, that I would suggest not using it in Stage 3 at the start, where your team attacks each other (as they get the benefits as well and then damage each other even more). Save it till you gotta heal the last spirits, because that requires some serious output – and you´ll have it active when fighting whats left of spirits too, that way.


Defiled Augment Rune

Well, that´s easy. Just keep it up 🙂


Flask of the Whispered Pact

Also easy 😉 Keep it up!


Azshari Salad

Gosh, the easyness continues! Keep it up!


OK then! On with the show! (Name that encounter!)


Stage 1

The waves. Ok. Toughest part of the challenge, most say. (I did find Stage 3 far harder in terms of raw healing output, but when it comes to using all your abilities, then yes, Stage 1 is a big challenge to overcome.)

Everything was on cooldown, constantly. I´ll try to sum up:

Have Ursol´s Vortex  and Typhoon ready and off CD at the start of each phase.


Position yourself close to where each wave activates, so you have all the mobs in one place. Your Typhoon will make you able to interrupt both the mage and the two warriors casting Blade Dance. -This- is essential to overcoming this challenge. It was for me at least.

Use it, when the Mage has 3 stacks and is about to gain nr. 4.  Be sure you interrupt his cast. Normally this is around the time that the warriors are casting Blade Dance too.
After that, the warriors will normally focus you. Place Ursol´s Vortex once they do, in between you and them for max benefits, and kite / HoT, whatever you feel is needed

When the warriors focus you, don´t panic. You can manage them, and outheal it, as long as they do not enrage. Once they do enrage, go bear (have Guardian Affinity for this) and pop Frenzied Regenaration You´ll be surprised how well it keeps you alive. Be sure to pop all HoTs on your party before it.

You know the deal with the Mana sting from the ranged mob. Have Jared soak it. Are you in a tight spot though, with warriors focusing you, mage casting, everything being chaos, and do you happen to be a Night Elf, shadowmeld it. It will cancel the cast.


Save Drums of the Mountain for the last Wave (and all other CDs, basically, I´d say). It´s a bitch. Simple as that.

This is basically the few keys to solve this first Stage. It was for me at least.


Stage 2


Here, I actually went for Feral Affinity, simply because I´m better at kitty DPS, than ranged. Well maybe not better. But I like it more!

Use whatever you want though, it all works. And melee DPS is not great for the eyes, as those deal AoE damage too. Those I handled with ranged.
The pack with the bats and Lord, I used Ursol´s Vortex  while applying dots, ranged attacked until they got near, then Typhoon, then, with all HoTs active, went kitty and took them out. Again, just kitty because I like it more. And find it the best for the ranger on the stairs coming up.

The ranged mobs and the kneeling spirits (after dispelling the feared one) was handled with multihots on all, pop your cds, get them up, and then I went kitty and took out the ranger. I shadowmelded her first Mana sting, to buy more dps time, without having to run behind an npc and let them soak it. Op and open the gate, and onto the next room.

Fairly straightforward, get the Corruptor down, move out of eye-lines, get eyes down, always at full health when they explore, and take a deep breath, you made it this far! (The first time I made it this far, I was 1 minute short, so keep believing, practice makes perfect!)


Stage 3


How I made this stage, is still a mystery to me. This was by far the hardest part for me. I had trouble with the raw healing output this requires, I could really feel my gear not being optimal.

You “just” have to give it all you got. Potion of Prolonged Power, Essence of G’Hanir and Drums of the Mountain later. Innervate at the first set of spirits. Make sure you get a perfect rotation, and pop all you have. Have everything ready here.

You know your spells, that´s why you made it this far, so rotate them in the most efficient way possible. Once you have the last phase of spirits (where you can predict you will manage to save the last one) pop the drums.

Once you manage this well, you won´t have many spirits left to deal with. Don´t forget the tricks with Ursol´s Vortex  and Typhoon. Shadowmeld too.

Keep it cool! You´re almost there.

This last part is about managing the debuff the boss puts on you, and running out of the AoE on the ground asap. Try to time his jump, so you have enough space to move around on. Help with DPS if possible. Your team requires little healing here, except when they take damage from the debuff. Try and be above 50% at all times.

If you die, do not release. Your team can take the boss down, without you! Just throw all HoTs possible, when or if you run out of space!

You can do it 🙂


That was the essentials. But practice makes perfect, as said. Just keep at it. Every wipe is making you one step closer to success.

I found this video very helpful too.



I hope this all helps 🙂 Good luck!


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