Children´s Week – immersion

Children´s week is here! How about doing it a little different this year?  “Slow down, friend”, take out your favorite ground mount, and head to the place you want to immerse yourself!

For me it was Shattrath this year around – I´ve always been very fond of The Burning Crusade. It´s never easy not to just do the “default-flying so it´s over super fast- behavior”. But it can make it much more awesome to walk around, like we once did.

Did you for example notice all the adorable little ones at the Orphanage i Shattrath?


I had to show Dornaa, the Draenei Orphan, the Dark Portal.

First, I have always been flying to there, first on Gryphon and then in Flight Form. Or I have come through it from the other side. This was the very first time I actually took the time and rode on the Path of Glory all the way up to the Dark Portal.

I thought I had the wrong Portal at one  point (Lol, as if there is another? Oh wait…!) simply because it looked so different from this perspective.


Walking on Path of Glory became a very powerful experience, perhaps considering the Legion expansion, that I immerse myself a lot more now into Lore than every before, or maybe because of the Warcraft movie too. Maybe the idea of showing an Orphan this had an impact as well.

Did you know all of this?

“The Path of Glory is a road that leads from the foot of the Stair of Destiny to Hellfire Citadel, dividing the eastern half of Hellfire Peninsula. Upon closer inspection, the Path of Glory appears to be completely paved with trampled bones – the bones of the draenei victims of the Horde‘s demon-crazed genocidal rampage shortly before the opening of the Dark Portal. The Horde outpost of Thrallmar is located to the north, and the Alliance fortress of Honor Hold is located to the south. Surrounding the road are the ruined human cannons and orcish blade throwers of the Second War.

The orcs killed over eighty percent of the draenei race:[1] approximately nine of every ten individuals.[2] The ruins of towns and temples of the draenei can be found in many places in Outland, but this road is the most extant example of the orc genocide on the draenei people themselves. When the history and origin of the Path of Glory was explained to Med’an, who is of part orcish and draenei ancestry, by his draenei great-uncle Vindicator Maraad, it only contributed to the shame he was feeling at the time of his orcish origins and the monstrous crimes they had committed.[3]

If the Pit Commander is killed, he respawns near Hellfire Citadel then takes this road back to the Stair of Destiny.”

When we reached the Dark Portal:


I have no Achievements tied to Children´s Week that I have not already done. (Except the Veteran Nanny one) But I looked through them and oh, I can recall this one to be the last one I needed for What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been!


Biggest. Pain. In. The. Ass. Achievement. Ever.

Good times though! 🙂

“Show the orphan what the hero´s life is like!” it says.

You have to love the logic of Children, even in WoW. Also took a screenshot to show more of the AddOn Storyline. It´s really my number one AddOn of all.


Blizzard and their ideas for dialogue, right. 🙂


Hm, I had to visit this NPC, and discovered that he actually sold a few Toys, I did not yet have. Balloons! Just a headsup for collectors 🙂 Oh and do note, how our characters look up and down towards their target in 7.2. Love these small things.


Ever noticed the titel of this NPC? 😉


Farseer Nobundo is worth a visit too – speak with him for some great lore 🙂


  • Tell me of your past, Farseer.

My story? It is kind of you to ask. Very well.

Long ago on the planet Draenor – the remains of which are now known as the Outland – all of the draenei lived in peace.
But then the Burning Legion came, and they corrupted the orcs with their fel magics.

With no other option we fought to survive, but exposure to these fel energies had horrible effects upon some of us, over time transforming us into the Broken like me, or worse, the seemingly mindless Lost Ones.

Shall I go on?

  • Yes, please continue.

The fel energies also had the side-effect on the Broken and the Lost Ones of cutting us off from the Light.
At the time I did not know exactly why, but as a vindicator I insisted on finding out. I decided to make a pilgrimage to do just that.

And so it was that after the war came to its fateful end, I journeyed into the desert of the fragmented planet, beseeching the Light to return to us.
But decades passed, and the Light never answered my prayers.

Is this something that you wish to hear more of?

  • Yes, please, if you do not mind.

I had been fortunate to find an oasis and made the decision to stay there until I received an answer.
So there I sat, moving only when absolutely necessary, living off of the creatures that would come near the pool. Such was my pride.

As I said, decades passed without an answer. But I can remember a particularly beautiful sunset one evening.
A warm zephyr blew across the land and I was sure that I heard a voice, but no one was around.

As you can imagine, I thought that I was finally losing my mind.

  • Nobundo, please continue.

There was something strange about that wind; it didn’t stop.
For weeks it blew across the land, waxing and waning, but never ceasing.
And all the time the voice continued, though I could not understand it, nor did I know where it was coming from.

My time in solitude had taught me how to calm myself and look inward. This I did in order to keep my sanity.
And that is when I began to understand the voice. It was coming from the wind itself and it had much to say!

  • What did it say to you?

It spoke to me of secrets and power, and also of truths.
The Light had not forsaken the Broken! The fel energies that the orcs had wielded long ago against the draenei had infused us, causing a break in our ability to be heard by, or perhaps to hear, the Light.
The same that had been responsible for the degradation of our bodies.

But our spirits were not broken, and the air offered to me another path, through which I might deliver my people.

  • What was that?

It taught me the path of shamanism, which in a way is just another facet of the Light.
Joining the wind was the water of the oasis, the fire from my camp and the earth upon which I sat. All had something to say.

Over the next few years they taught me what it was to call upon and be one with the elements of the world.
And they told me that the worlds of all of the stars in the sky, even this one, are made up of these elements.

But the day came when I felt that I had learned enough to leave.

  • What did you do then?

I returned to my people and was greeted with smiling faces and outstretched arms, mostly from the Broken.
The prejudices against us from many draenei had continued in my absence.
But it was as if they knew that I was coming, and I soon found out why.

Velen, the prophet and leader of all of the draenei, had seen my return in one of his visions and was there to greet me as well.
He asked to speak with me in private and as I related my story to him, he nodded and smiled, for this too he had foreseen.

  • Please, go on.

Velen urged me to take a leadership role amongst the Broken.
But more importantly, he asked me to teach shamanism to all; Broken and draenei alike. I accepted.

We knew then that given the prejudices of some that this would be a difficult proposition at best.
There are those that despise the Broken because we are a frightening reminder of the past.
And there are others who believe the way of the shaman to be a blasphemy against the Light.

In any case, that is my tale.

Enjoy 🙂

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