World Quest Group Finder updated!

If you´re anything like me, you might have come to rely on this AddOn during your World Questing on the Broken Shore. For a long while I disliked the concept World Quests, they seemed so impersonal, nobody speaking with each other, much like LFG has become. I guess I am still a vanilla player with her rosetinted glasses on.

But after many attempts, Hey´s and Hi´s without a response and what not, I had to give in, and now most of all, I just aim to get WQs over with as efficient as possible.

The AddOn World Quest Group Finder has really helped with that.

One click and you´re put in queue for the quest. But Blizzard changed the way the ADdOn can interact in game recently (apparently because it´s causing lag).

But, now a fix has been found and is released! So head on onto Curse – I mean, Twitch (?!) and update it 🙂

If you ever come across me in YOUR group, gimme a Hey! – and make my day 😉



You now have to click a button in the center of the screen to trigger searching for and applying to groups.

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