Day and Night – comparison shot

I wanted to share a comparison shot when using the Inky Black Potion I decribed earlier.


Here one taken from the shipyard in Draenor, Shadowmoon Valley.




And then another with the potion active



It is so amazing to me. I really wish Blizzard will enable this as a graphic function, free of choice, to toggle on and off.

I already submitted it as an in game suggestion. You do the same if you agree! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day and Night – comparison shot

  1. This comes a bit late since we are in September, but use the Inky Black potion to see the fireworks on July 4th or in Darkmoon. They look stunning with the potion.
    And that’s a great idea, having it as a graphic function that could be enabled/disabled. Did they offer you any feedback on it? I’ve heard that the lack of dark nightime is due to the time differences across countries on a real,, but with it as an option that would be no problem.

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    1. Oh, one is never late to the party over here, there is always another time 🙂

      You are so right, the fireworks at night is absolutely stunning! I actually spammed a blog post of mine with tons of it during Midsummer :))

      No feedback, no, I just use that “Submit suggestion” function. One can only do what is possible and hope for the best, so I encourage everyone to do the same.

      That does make sense, but if it was just a graphical option you could turn on and off, it would solve it, indeed. I would also love to be able to sort of “pause” the darkness, if that makes sense. For example, have a “mild” version of the darkness.

      Stormwind right before it gets really dark is so amazing, I think.

      Ah well, dreams 🙂

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