Hello, world, she said!

Inspired by another blog, here goes mine. Originally I used the Twitter function in WoW, but gosh, that leaves a lot to be desired, so!


Intended for sharing the beauty that is all around us in World of Warcraft, I now present one place, where I plan to share the screenshots, perhaps coupled with a few words of the wonders around Azeroth, that Alunaria the Druidess comes across upon during her day.

A picture can indeed say more than words – and which better screenshot to start this off with than from one of my favorite places in Legion, Emerald Dreamway.


“The Emerald Dreamway is a glade within the Emerald Dream. Partially tainted by the Emerald Nightmare, druids help fight the encroaching corruption in order to clear a path to the Dreamgrove in Val’sharah. Once established, they are able to traverse the Dreamway when needed, as its many portals connect to different natural locations on Azeroth.”


I can highly recommend to visit this place, and use one of my newly discovered favorite items Inky Black Potion. This potion brings back the dark nights we had during the Vanilla days in World of Warcraft (though without a moon, sadly. Plenty of stars, though!) and can be purchased whenever Darkmoon Faire is up.


Enjoy and good weekend out there 🙂
Oh, and welcome!




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